The New Saturday Night

There was a time when weekend nights spent in left me a little bummed, feeling like I was missing out, like there was something else I should be doing instead.  Now, when there is a Friday or Saturday night that is wide open, free of planned dinners and celebrations, I don’t mind it.  I actually look forward to it and enjoy it.

saturday night in

Last night, Emma and I had the house to ourselves.  We ate lots of frosted cookies with rainbow sprinkles and a few chocolate chip.  One glass and one sippy cup whole milk.  We curled up together on the couch and watched the entire movie ‘Brave’ until she nodded off just before the credits.  And all-in-all it was a pretty awesome night.

Hope you are having a great weekend!

Fickle Almost-Fall

Fickle weather days that show up in between seasons can be tricky to dress for.  So, for navigating through mornings and afternoons that change from dreary and gray to sunny and bright, one minute to the next, without having to change outfits, I like to stick with easy wardrobe choices that offer plenty of flexibility.  An open cozy cardigan that’s still lightweight enough for the end of summer and cut-off denim short that I can’t seem to part with are perfect options.  I paired them with a simple white tank in case the temperatures warm up and a good old pair of worn-in sandals.

almost fall{ANTHROPOLOGIE cozy open cardigan / VINCE favorite white tankRAINBOW SANDALS / super old STITCH’S JEANS cut-off denim shorts, similar HERE and HERE}

Happy almost-fall!

Just For Fun: Grapefruit and Pink Lemonade Ice Pops

Since Emma and I are doing everything we can to hold on to summer just a little longer, coupled with the fact that she has been asking for this frozen treat daily since realizing they have been so suddenly dropped from our routine, I decided to make her some ice pops.  Bored with our usual go-to popsicle recipes from the past few months, I remembered an idea for a new flavor I had seen just the other day from a blogger that was also looking to slow down time.  The fruits, the colors are so reminiscent of the season, that these grapefruit and pink lemonade ice pops were a perfect choice to help close out the summer.

1904169_328028170702577_5269809585553267286_n{Popsicle idea taken from the blog, Paper & Stitch}

Just mix grapefruit juice with pink lemonade in equal parts and set aside.  Slice fresh grapefruit and place along sides of your popsicle mold.  Pour juice mixture into the mold and over the sliced fruit.  Insert popsicle sticks before or after pouring, depending on which model mold you use.  Freeze and enjoy!


Luckily, I used this Zoku ice pop maker that I scored at T.J. Maxx earlier this summer (and that you can also find now on Amazon), which makes this sweet treat in only 7 minutes!  Ideal when serving up ice pops to impatient toddlers.

pops 2


New Discovery: A Cup Full Of Indulgence

The funny thing about not sticking to your grocery store list is finding new and unexpected items you may not have otherwise tried.  Like this cup (or cups) of indulgence that I stumbled upon while grabbing my toddler’s yogurt.  The light blue package was sitting pretty right next to Emma’s favorite combination of apple and sweet potato, and looked at first like pudding, same stacked plastic cups like that of JELL-O.  But when I read the container, I realized it was one of those ‘why didn’t I think of that’ inventions.  One that I had to toss in my cart.  And enjoy by the spoonful later that night.

the cookie dough cafe

It is gourmet edible cookie dough made with real butter, no preservatives and no eggs.  But all the thrill of one of my favorite childhood pastimes.

spoonful of cookie dough

Definitely going to make your Monday, or any day this week, much better :)