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If you are short on time, but want to bring something to an Easter or spring party that looks like it took lots of time and effort, then these cookies are for you.  You can make things even easier by opting for the Pillsbury pre-cut Easter egg cutout sugar cookies, like the ones HERE instead of making dough from scratch.  Simply bake as instructed and be sure the cookies are completely cooled, so that they don’t crumble when icing.  Start with vanilla icing (I used cookie icing, so that they would dry nicely) in a deep dish or a bowl with low sides.  Add a few drops of whatever food coloring you would like (I love THIS brand that doesn’t use any artificial dyes), and with the tip of a knife or a toothpick, create a marbled pattern to your liking.  Take the cookie, holding it face-down, and dip it in the pretty icing mixture.  Remove from the bowl and repeat with the rest of the batch.  I added a few drops of red and blue in the first batch and a few drops of green and yellow in the second.  Don’t let the icing sit too long because it does dry fast, but that makes it much less messy and easy to travel with, so you can bring these to friends or family right after making them, and you can assemble right before the party.  They don’t require a lot of prep, cook or assembly time.  And they are the perfect recipe to complete with kids.


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As a mom of three kids, I am always on the hunt for the best new baby products.  And if I can get them all in one place, preferably with just the click of a button, that makes it even better.  I love shopping small when I can, but with three daughters in tow, the hassle of loading them in the car and keeping them on their best behavior in a store can be challenging.  This is where, The Baby Cubby, comes in.  They curate all the chicest-looking essentials for little ones and mom, too, and if you can’t get to their location in Utah, everything is accessible via their online store.  So, you can still support small businesses without any inconvenience, with excellent customer service and an awesome selection.  When they reached out to me about trying out some of their gear, I was thrilled.  They carry some of my favorite well-known brands, like Kickee Pants and Petunia Pickle Bottom, and some other lines, like Lulu and Roo, an awesome handmade children’s clothing company run by two moms, that I discovered on social media.  When I browsed their site, I also stumbled upon some amazing diaper bags at really affordable prices from, Little Unicorn, that I had never heard of before, and the sweetest bows by Billy Bibs, a family-owned business inspired by the owners’ first daughter.  If you haven’t done so already, do yourself and your mom friends a favor and check out The Baby Cubby today!

*A huge thanks to The Baby Cubby for sponsoring this post.  As always, all opinions are my own.*

Happy shopping!

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While our entire dining area is not yet complete, we finally picked out most of the pieces that will fill this space and set the tone for the room.  The combination of blue and white has always been a favorite of mine.  It’s no secret they are my favorite colors to wear together and separately, and they are my favorite combination in the home, too.  The focal point is definitely the tall bookcase, turned china cabinet, and I love how the morning light reflects off of the glass and highlights everything tucked away inside.  We got some new pieces and added lots of old ones as well, that were hiding in the garage, in the scattered brown boxes that are somehow still there.  Will the unpacking end at some point?  Or only when we are about ready to move again?  (HA!  But seriously….)

Here are some photos and sources for most of the products in our dining room, shown and not shown.  Hope this provides some inspiration if you are looking to remodel your current space or decorate a new one.


Light Fixture







End Chairs

Mirror, old, from Bed Bath & Beyond 

Baskets, old, from Home Goods


Cake Stand

Glass Cake Dome

Lazy Susan

*Tip:  Mirrors add a big touch to any space.  I love how this old mirror from the kids bath at our previous home fit on the top shelf.  It adds a little more dimension to the cabinet and brings in more light, too.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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I’ve never been a big collector of beauty items in the way of makeup.  Although I have switched up my products a ton over the years, I tend to stick with things that create a really simple, really quick routine.  And I’d like to blame the kids on the lack of time I spend on makeup in the mornings, but it’s actually just me.  Since I started playing with makeup in high school, I have always gravitated towards a more natural and less dramatic look and thankfully that has also been key in cutting down the time it takes me to get ready.  I recently discovered a couple of products by Supergoop that are used together and I am hooked.  I was looking for a few new things before going on vacation: a new lip tint, a new sunscreen for the face, another moisturizer.  I rounded up my usuals and while in line at Sephora I came across a small set called, Barre to Bar.  Everything in the bag contained broad spectrum sunscreen, which is high on my list of things to look for in a product, and pretty much everything I came in to get was right there in a neat little package.  I saved it for our trip and used it only at night since the entire time was spent in the pool and the parks, but I loved it.  The City Sunscreen Serum was light and absorbed easily.  The Daily Correct CC Cream provided the right amount of coverage to hide imperfections and was packed with anti-aging omega-3 and omega-6.  And the Perk-Up Lip & Cheek Treat was the perfect pick-me-up in the most perfect rosy shade.  I never ended up using the setting mist with rosemary that was also in the set simply to skip another step, especially since I was so pleased with how the first three products worked together.  Since we got back home, I have used the kit every single day.  And I have definitely noticed an improvement in my skin.  My complexion looks smoother and my skin-tone more even.  And I feel good knowing that there is a bit of sun-protection in everything I am using.  If you are heading someplace sunny or if you are in the market for some new beauty products and a quick and easy makeup routine, then this beauty set is for you.

*This post is not sponsored, and as always, opinions are all my own.*

Happy Monday!

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Sharing a little bit about our life lately here on the blog today.  Honestly, the past five months have been a whirlwind:  New baby.  New house.  Small home renovations.  Large ones.  Wiping clean the dust, only to be greeted by piles of more dust as soon as I put the mop down.  Vacation to escape said dust, and ironically also escape the only serious snowstorm of the season.  They say it all goes by so fast.  That everything happens in the blink of an eye.  And it’s painfully true.  Seriously, heartbreakingly true.

{So.  Much.  Dust.}

{Sneak peek of cabinet, island and vent hood colors.}

It’s all a bit blurry, the evolving preschool artwork that you don’t even realize has improved until you go through a stack of finger paintings while unpacking, noting the lines that turn into letters, somewhere, matching them to the tiny dates marked in the bottom corners.  Where does time go??  It’s the shoes that are outgrown, little toes that can no longer stretch out the fabric, the baby heels that can’t quite wiggle any more, reminding us that September is long gone.  It’s all the little things and the big things that, together, make you want to go outside and catch your breath.  But in between, are these moments, that feel slow and memorable, although they’re not monumental, not life-changing, but they stick.  Like the night my husband and I watched fireworks from our hotel balcony while our three daughters slept just on the other side of the glass door.  Able to peek in on them and watch their bellies rise and fall.  So thankful for that.  And the view.  And the stem of red wine in our hands.  And the time away with our little family.  And so much more.  Or the other day, when Emma broke away from her friends at a playdate to announce, out loud, that she loved me.  Simple as that.  Unsolicited and sweet.  Nothing wanted in return.  Then she ran back just as quickly as she came, to making pepperoni pizza with plastic pieces and delivering the pies via cardboard boxes, her imagination running wild.  But she stopped in her tracks and her thoughts to tell me that, to make my day, to remind me how lucky I am to be her mom.  The next five months will undoubtedly disappear as fast as the ones before them, so I will savor all these moments in between, that feel slow and memorable, although they’re not monumental, not life-changing, but they stick.

{Sisters who brunch.}

: )

{Little fishy.}

{Family time.}

{Pool days.}

{Beauty and another Beauty.}


{When your kids suddenly get so big and so beautiful, you cry just looking at them, and then cry again looking at photos of them.  True life.}

Happy Sunday!

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