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When Sweet N Swag reached out to me about trying some of their products, I was super excited.  Who can resist teeny tiny moccasins?  The items arrived in the prettiest packaging, and I  immediately loved how easy the moccs were to slip on my baby’s feet and how well they stayed on, too.  And the colors they offer are perfection.  My favorites are the honeysuckle, dusk blue, and rose gold.  They also carry a great variety of bows in equally cute shades and you can get them with a clip or a nylon headband.  You can choose to leave the center of the bow monotone or add a pop of gold, which is a fun way to customize your selections.  I was really impressed with the quality of their products and the price point as compared to their competitors, making it easier for me, as a mom of three young girls, to shop for my daughters and my nieces.  And to make things even sweeter, Sweet N Swag has offered to give you, our readers, 15% off your entire order with the discount code: pumpkinandrose15 through March 22nd.  Enjoy!

Happy shopping!

xo gina 

One-Piece Love

This winter was jammed packed with work and house renovations and life in general with three kids, but it was also the first winter we didn’t escape to some place warm.  We are still up-in-the-air about trying to get away for a long weekend early this spring if our schedules allow.  And that has me all sorts of daydreaming about my current favorite one-pieces that would be on my packing wish-list.  I love that the one-piece continues to be so on-trend.  They  offer more coverage, are universally flattering, but never boring, with so many different colors, patterns and styles to choose from.  Here are my current picks, in a range of high and low prices.

Top Row, Far Left, Left to Right:

{CUPSHE colorful stripes backless one-piece swimsuit / MARYSIA palm springs scalloped one-piece}

Bottom Row, Far Left, Left to Right:

{CLUBE BOSSA one-piece, just sold out, similar HERE and HEREMARYSIA SWIM mott one-piece}

Far Right:

{MARYSIA antibes scalloped one-piece in rose}

Bottom Row, Left to Right:

{J.CREW ruffled halter one-piece swimsuit in mixed stripe, now 20% off with code SHOPFAST / NANETTE LEPORE amor atitlan seductress one-piece / GAP classic one-piece suit}

Happy spring!

xo gina 

How To Get The Most Out of Your Entryway For Less

To me, the entryway of your house is one of the biggest focal points, and therefore, one of the few areas of the home that needs the most attention while decorating.  It is essentially the welcome mat of the inside.  It greets your friends and family, and becomes the most used section in terms of foot traffic, serving as the place you constantly buzz through when going in and out of the house and while moving between all other rooms.  That being said, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend the most money there.  Instead, it’s an area where you can save huge and still make equally as large of an impact.

We are still in the process of settling into the fixer-upper we just bought and tackling new projects at every turn.  Including this foyer, which is a few pieces shy of becoming complete.

Here are a few tips to get the most out of your entryway for less.

1.  Go Green.  I firmly believe that when you add a live plant into the mix, short or tall, the space just breathes life.  The best part: pay once for (most) household plants and they will last two – three years, or even more.  They are a great filler for those corners of the home you never know what to do with.  Similarly, faux plants and flowers are great, too, because there is no need to maintain them or spend money each week on fresh ones.

2.  Shop Clearance.  Since this is an area of the home you may want to change or update periodically, shop sale items.  I found this great, oversized mirror on clearance at Home Goods for under $150!  As long as there are no major flaws, go with it.

3.  Reuse and Recycle.  Look in your storage closets and your garage and you might be surprised to find old items that can be reused or even spruced up with a simple change, like a new lamp shade.

4.  Use Mirrors.  Mirrors of any kind, like this awesome one I found on clearance (mentioned above), make the space appear larger and more open.  It is a great tip for any room, but especially those that might be a little tight.

5.  Keep It Light.  Whether it be in the shade of the wall color or the amount of items used in an entryway, keep one of the two or both on the lighter side so not to close in the room.

Lamp: old / Lampshade: new, on sale at T.J. Maxx / Basket: old / Books: super old, like from my favorite college English classes, old / Candles: a gift / Mirror: Home Goods / Faux Hydrangeas and Faux Assorted Succulents: all from Pottery Barn

Happy styling!

xo gina 

Semi-Homemade Valentine’s Day Lunch Party

Yesterday was a pretty sweet Valentine’s Day.  Nothing fancy, nothing ornate, nothing super romantic, just a really good day that my husband and I got to spend with our three girls.  I had wanted to throw them a little lunch party for when Emma came home from school, but with our kitchen under complete renovation, I knew I would have to resort to semi-homemade treats for the kids and a relatively easy set-up and clean-up situation.  All of the paper products and decor were from Target, along with all of the goodies, minus the cake pops.  It was the simplest and most affordable party to date, but my daughters were so excited walking in to find a surprise waiting  there for them and Emma even announced that it was the greatest party ever, so there’s that.  It’s the little things that mean so much to our kids.  The reminders that amidst all of the chaos we are thinking of them.  We love them.  We care.  And that just about sums up what this whole holiday has become for me.  An extra little reminder to show those you care about that they are so loved.  Here are some snapshots of our semi-homemade Valentine’s Day lunch party.

Tassel Garland, Dream Catcher, Paper Snack Cups, Plastic Heart Cups, Paper Plates, Popcorn, M&M’s: Target

Cakepops: Starbucks

Hope you all got to spend yesterday with those you love.

xo gina 

Maternity Photos {Better Late Than Never}

Because I just came across a ton of gorgeous maternity and family photos that our friend, the talented, Stacey DiBello, of Hey Baby Photography took of us while we waited for Miss Liv to arrive, and well, it’s better late than never, I wanted to share some of my favorites.  They are just too good not to share.

I love, love, love these pictures and I’m having such a hard time trying to decide which to frame for our new house.  The only part that is always tricky to me about maternity photos is that shortly after taking them, our perfect, newest girl was born and she is so glaringly absent from them.  Which is a great excuse to get a round of newborn photos in to include everyone.  Since our session kept getting cancelled (on our end) due to prolonged house renovations, rain and last minute meetings that my husband had to attend, we can’t wait to have Stacey photograph all of us, as a complete family of five.  Sure, time has flown by, and our once week-old baby is now almost three months!  But we know we will treasure the moments she is able to capture no matter the age, so long as we are all in the shot.

Have a great rest of the week!

xo gina 


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