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Something For Saturday: For Emma, Forever Ago

A little something for Saturday.

Though the headline could ignite a hundred thoughts of my own daughter, who happens to go by the name, Emma, it is actually the title of one of my favorite albums.  It’s the record that was the band’s debut and my first introduction to Bon Iver, the indie folk rock group whose sounds still soothe me on most days.

bon iver cover{Screen shot on my phone of the tunes that play most on my playlist}

Happy Saturday!

A Few Of My Favorite Things {This Week}…

{A few of my favorite things this week that I either just discovered or already know I couldn’t do without}

cut off shorts blog pic

1.     Initial Necklace – I recently was on the hunt for an initial necklace for my sister for her first Mother’s Day.  I kept going back to the same plain, dainty style that I wear around my own neck and have for the last 19 months.  It is such a simple piece, but it blends seamlessly into every outfit I wear, fancy or laid back, and when I run my thumb of the imprint of the letter “E” each day, I am reminded of my daughter.

e flash blog pic

2.     Cut-Off Shorts – There was a time where I would have been mortified to be seen in a pair of distressed denim, especially ones that were cut-off.  But in the last handful of years, the look has not only grown on me, but it is a constant in my weekly wardrobe.  It can be so casual, yet chic, and this short version is perfect for the warmer weather.  I scooped these up in a small boutique about five years ago and have been wearing them ever since.  They are super soft from all the years of wear and the fringes have faded and changed over time in just the right way.

cut off shorts blog pic white background

3.     They’re Real Mascara – I featured this mascara on my blog a month or so back in a beauty edition that can be seen here.  I ran out of a tube the other day and couldn’t get to Sephora fast enough to replace it.  The only mascara I will probably ever use again.  It is that good.

they're real blog pic

4.     Cocoa Butter Stick – You know when you find one of those products that you use so often you have multiples, so you never have to go without?  One in the diaper bag, one in the console of the car, the office drawer, the pocket of the coat worn most frequently in the winter…I use this Cocoa Butter Formula Swivel Stick every single day on chapped hands and lips.  The smell is one of my favorites and the dose of vitamin E keeps my normally dry skin super soft.

swivel stick blog pic




Just For Fun: Perfectly Polished

For years now, I have worn the same neutral hue on my nails, first falling in love with a grown-up, classic light pink and more recently changing to a slightly pinker shade.  I love how the basic color goes well with everything and looks good on most skin tones, too.  And even better this time of year with a golden, summer tan.  On my toes, I opt for something more fun, but usually stick to some variation of rich, bright red.  Here are my current picks for a perfectly polished manicure and pedicure every time.

essie sugar daddy{Essie polish in Sugar Daddy above is my go-to for a perfectly polished nail}

really red{Essie polish in Really Red is my choice for bold, perfectly polished toes}

{Additional Color Suggestions}

1.  For other great neutral hues, try East Hampton Cottage and Vanity Fairest, both by Essie.

2.  For more festive reds, try Forever Yummy and Fishnet Stockings, both by Essie.


Happy Wednesday!

A Few Of Emma’s Favorite Things {This Week}…

{A few of my daughter, Emma’s favorite things this week that she either just discovered or already knows she couldn’t do without or some kid stuff that her mommy may love even more than she does}


1.     Pigtails – Emma was born with a full head of hair, so even though she has always had a lot, it was mostly at different lengths, making it difficult to put up in a full ponytail or pigtails.  I couldn’t wait for the day to put her hair in pigtails.  It has finally grown in where that has become a reality and it is ridiculously adorable.  Even messy after a day of playing, they are somehow just perfect.  This whole weekend she sported them and it made me always want to picture her just like that.

pigtails 2

2.     Overalls – I have recently seen this trend pop up in fashion magazines and the like, but I have never been so excited for an old style to make a return.  Overalls are a super easy way to pull together a cute outfit for your little one and they come in various colors and prints.  And paired with pigtails, the cuteness level reaches an all-time high.

overalls on dresser

3.     Red, White and Blue Pops –  The warm weather calls for cold treats like these and I am constantly looking for new recipes.  I have recreated Jessica Alba’s ice pops before (the strawberry lover’s ice pops seen here) and they were a huge hit in my house.  These are just as delicious and festive for the summer holidays.  I will be making a whole lot of these come the Fourth of July.

fruit pops clarity {I altered the recipe a bit by adding whole chunks of strawberry, blueberries and raspberries.  I also pureed a handful of strawberries and blueberries together and poured that mixture over the yogurt.  Original recipe can be found here from Jessica Alba’s book, The Honest Life.}

4.     Coconut + Mango Fruit Ice – More pops!  Here is another alternative to an icy sweet that doesn’t require any mixing, blending or pouring.  This one is store-bought and made with 100% natural, real fruit purees and juices.  It’s also gluten-free and dairy-free and can be found at your local Whole Foods.

smooze blog pic


My Life Lately {As Told Through Photos}

At the end of the night and most heavily at the end of the night at the end of a weekend, I sit back in the coziest, most sunken-in part of the couch and flip through the photos on my phone.  Each photo a moment in my recent life.  Each picture a memory.

peek a boo blog pic{Peek-a-boo}

baby walking blog pic{Evening stroll}

flowers blog pic{Always making little discoveries}

more flowers blog pic{Always stopping to smell the flowers}

yellow tutu in though blog pic new{Plotting}

yellow tutu cookie blog pic{Happily reaching her goal…homemade iced ricotta cookies}

naked cake blog pic{Naked cake for the holiday weekend}

park day blog pic{Hanging at the park}

smores cookies blog pic{Everything is better with s’mores}

slide time blog pic{Em and her daddy}

watermelon blog pic{Crushing on early summer-time}

watermelon face blog pic{Watermelon love}

best lunch date ever blog pic{Best.  Lunch-date.  Ever.}


Happiest of Mondays!



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