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My Life Lately {As Told Through Photos}

Sometimes life literally flies by.  Whipping passed you like a fierce wind, too quick to grasp.  The minutes and seconds that your mind is convinced you will remember so vividly, for so long, simply slip through your fingers.  And it is this very notion that has shaped my love for photography.  That fact that, that instant will be forever frozen is priceless.

little lady at efcc{Beautiful little lady on a beautiful day}

seriously swinging{Blue eyes}

nyc fashion fun{Fun with fashion in NYC}

high fives{High-fives for an excellent lunch}

papa and em{Em and her papa}

birthday fun{Birthday fun}

pro shop help 2{Newest pro-shop assistant}

pool fun{Nothing says summer like toddler fun in an inflatable pool}

chalk fun{Driveway + chalk = happy kids}

smoothies{Healthy fruit smoothie for Emma, Oreo milkshake for her mama}

mom thats me{“Look, ma, it’s me!”}

more beach kisses{Beach kisses are the best kisses}

golf course love{Sweet nothings…love}

Happy Monday!


Happy Father’s Day

black and white daddy and emma

Long before I had the pleasure of watching my husband become one, I knew he would be a great father.  It was one of the things that was most important to me to look out for when dating.  One of the most attractive traits about my husband when we met.  The way he was with kids and around kids that were not even his own was a reassuring quality that I had come to love years prior to us being blessed as parents ourselves.  And now that feeling is tenfold.


He is the first person Emma calls for when she wakes up.  And on days when he has already left for work or when he is on the road, she spends the morning peeking under pillows and couch cushions, looking for him.  When she scrapes her knee, when I tell her NO, when she is scared, it is her dad she is searching for.  Her face literally lights up at the mention of his name and he will forever be the first man she ever loved, which to me, is just about the coolest thing going.  I know how lucky I am to have found a partner that loves our little girl the way he does and I try my best not to take that for granted, not just today, but always.

daddy and em hospital

Happy Father’s Day!

A Few Of My Favorite Things {This Week}…

{A few of my favorite things this week that I either just discovered or already know I couldn’t do without}

H bracelet

1.     Decorative Cross – I am a huge collector of crosses and try to find unique ones wherever I go.  I use them to decorate my kitchen, Emma’s nursery, my bedroom, blank walls.  This ornate cross was hand-crafted in Mexico and I got it on a recent trip to New Mexico this spring.  It sits pretty on my nightstand and I love getting to look at it each morning when I wake up.

cross made in mexico

2.     Distressed Skinny Denim – This will probably be the only pair of jeans I ever need.  And I am so sure of it that I got two identical pairs.  It was the first time I purchased denim from Textile by Elizabeth and James and never before has a brand fit so perfectly, comfortably and been so versatile.  I wear these everywhere.  I dress them up.  Couple them with heels.  Top them with my favorite leather jacket.  I wear them with my beat-up Converse on a rainy day.  Hands-down.  Most.  Perfect.  Pair.  Ever.

best jeans ever{Textile by Elizabeth and James Debbie Skinny Jeans in Love Sick}

3.     Black and White Photo – This June, my parents have been heavy on my mind.  It’s the month that my mom’s birthday falls in.  The month where her school just held a retirement dinner in which there was a great, heartfelt and honest speech given about her and her long-time commitment to her place of work.  It’s the month where we celebrate Father’s Day.  And a month that has been so busy thus far that I have relied so much on both my mom and dad for their help watching after Emma and lots more.  Every time I have passed by this black and white photo of them dancing at my wedding nearly five years ago, it has made me smile.

mom and dad happy dance

4.     Statement Bracelet – This gold and purple bracelet is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry I own.  So simple, yet elegant.  A classic, timeless band that I know I will have forever.

statement bracelet{Hermes Clic-Clac H Bracelet}

Fun Little Tuesday

A fun little Tuesday indeed.

So, as most of you know who peruse my blog, there is probably nothing that I love more than spending time with my little lady, Emma Rose.  And this morning was such a treat.  We got to be on the Today show and model a children’s product by Munchkin.  It was a stroller organizer that fits on mostly all types and brands of strollers and with so many little pockets, all of your extra baby (and mama) gear would easily be covered.  Check out some photos of our exciting day.  And lots of love to Amy E. Goodman at Zulily for letting us be a part of this helpful segment.

{7:15 am}

sleeping beauty blog pic

We were off.  Had to wake this sleeping beauty earlier than she would have liked, but she must have known we were in for an adventure because she was beaming.

{9:48 am}

scared screen shot

Not looking so sure about this whole thing.

{9:54 am}

high kick blog pic

With a little time to adjust, someone was so pumped about appearing on TV that the occasion called for a high-kick.

{10:15 am}

after today show blog pic

Posing for a photo with my sidekick after the segment wrapped.

{10:27 am}

wiped out blog pic

Emma was wiped out from the busy morning.  Out like a light as soon as she hit the seat.  (Well, after just a few more apple slices).

{11:37 am}

burry screen shot blog pic

Back at home we watched the taped show and Emma was a little confused, but happy about seeing her face on the screen.  (This shot is a little dark and not the easiest to make out, but when she turned her blonde hair in my direction to say, “Is that me?!?” I had to snap a photo).

{11:39 am}

last screen shot

Em with those apple slices that kept her happy (and quiet) while the cameras rolled.

Thanks for stopping by to check out our day.  Hope you enjoyed the photos as much as we did!

To catch the whole segment, check out the video from the Today show this morning here.

Pink Lemonade Stand First Birthday Party {Celebrating Stevie Grace}

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of working on the second and last pink lemonade stand themed birthday party by pumpkin + rose of the season.  So perfect of a theme for the summer that it had to be done twice!

small stand on front lawn blog pic

The small lemonade stand greeted guests as they arrived.

small stand blog pic

Pink, yellow and white tissue paper tassel garland can be seen throughout the party.

front lawn blog pic

And more tassels on the strings of the over-sized pink balloons were pretty and festive.

s on the front door blog pic

The birthday girl’s mom made this adorable tissue paper letter “S” for the front door.

lemons blog pic

Tons of real lemons filled crates and decorated lemonade stands and tables.  The bright color made the whole space cheerful.

big stand blog picEveryone helped themselves to pink and yellow lemonade and water with lemon slices served in old fashioned mason jar drink dispensers.

glass bottles blog picGlass milk bottles doubled as decor and then a place to put the sweet lemonade.  Tied with pink and yellow twine and adorned with pink tags, they kept in line with the theme.

back lawn blog pic

Another huge balloon with a pretty tassel added a fun, whimsical touch to the backyard.

mason jars on fence

I hung mason jars filled with colored chalk (and flowers) on the fence alongside the driveway to keep the kids busy and entertained.

driveway fun blog pic

The driveway and the wooden panes of the fence were decorated with the kids’ artwork at the end of the night.

flowers blog pic

Pink and white roses were placed in vases of different shapes and sizes and lemon slices were added to all for a pop of yellow.

flowers on table blog picThe yellow and white striped table cloths were a perfect match.

guests 2 blog pic

pink table blog pic

I painted and distressed an old wooden kids table and chair set for the little ones to have a place to hang.

cupcakes etc. blog pic

Onto dessert!  Always my favorite part of the party.  There was pink and yellow candy, pink lemonade cupcakes and a white and pink cake topped with real flowers.  The cake bunting was a mini-version of the tissue paper pom poms and burlap banner seen above the table.  I loved the chalkboard print that highlighted all of the birthday girl’s favorite things.

white cake blog pic

dessert and chair blog pic

dessert table corner blog pic

bday girl blog pic

Someone eagerly anticipating her tiny cake.

smash cake blog pic

The new one-year-old getting ready to dig in.

bday girl and her cake blog pic

stevie and maggie blog pic

stevie and grandma d blog pic

stevie feet in cake blog pic

She moved the party onto the lawn, but the cake came with her.

stevie grace blog pic{Happy birthday, Stevie Grace!}

My Favorite Party Details From This Pink Lemonade Stand Bash:

  • The pink lemonade cupcakes
  • The fun balloons and tassels
  • The tissue paper garland
  • and MORE!


Stylist:  Pumpkin + Rose

Photos:  Pumpkin + Rose

Cakes:  Brought with love from the birthday girl’s grandparents in Rhode Island

Food:  Sweet Basil’s Cafe & Grill

Lemonade Stands (the big and mini version):  Made by Pumpkin + Rose

Mason Jar Drink Dispensers:  World Market

Big Pink Balloons:  Party City

Balloon Tassels:  GlamFetebyBri on Etsy

Tissue Paper Tassel Garland:  The TomKat Studio

Tissue Paper Pom Poms:  DellaCartaDecor on Etsy

Happy Birthday Burlap Banner:  AliEliWeddings on Etsy

High Chair:  Pumpkin + Rose

White Cake Stand:  Home Goods

Birthday Girl’s Decorative Cake Stand:  Amazon

Eyelet and Burlap High Chair Banner:  LittleMaisie on Etsy

Paper Straws (for the cupcakes):  Michael’s Craft Store

Pink Lace Tablecloth:  RedBarnGarden on Etsy

Yellow Accent Rug:  T.J. Maxx

White Metal Scallop Cupcake Stands: World Market

Wine Crates:  Pumpkin + Rose

Yellow and White Striped Table Runners:  SasBabyBoutique on Etsy

Burlap Table Runner (as seen on the big lemonade stand):  Overstock

Square Vases, Fishbowl Vases and Mason Jars:  Pumpkin + Rose

smash cake aftermatch blog pic

Hope you enjoyed!

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