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Something For Saturday: Me Before You

A little something for Saturday.

GetFileAttachment{Me Before You, by Jojo Moyes}

This is a beautiful story with convincing characters that are, at first, an unlikely pair and soon become each other’s only vehicles for adventure and change.  Uplifting at times, it is also a crushing love story that strays from the conventional and predictable romantic ending.  Another tell-tale sign of mine that a book is a great one, is when it’s pages have the ability to make you feel.  When they literally drive you to tears.  And this novel did that more than once.

Pack it in your beach bag or bring it in the car with you on summer road trips.  You will be happy you did.


A Few Of My Favorite Things {This Week}…

{A few of my favorite things this week that I either just discovered or already know I couldn’t do without}

talenti in bowl

1.     Chuao Chocolatier Chocolates – This amazingly indulgent, gourmet hand-crafted chocolate comes in such a unique variety of flavors.  This week, I tried the ‘ravishing rocky road’ and it definitely lived up to it’s name.  With salted caramel almonds, chewy marshmallow and milk chocolate, this was more like a super decadent dessert disguised as a chocolate bar.

ravishing rocky road

2.     Talenti Gelato in Caramel Cookie Crunch – Best.  {Store-bought} gelato.  Ever.

talenti with container

3.     World Market – I have long scanned their website for great finds and stalked hundred of affordable rugs, pretty iron side tables and Moroccan lamps from their collection, but yesterday I visited World Market’s first ever retail location in New Jersey and to top it off, it is right in my hometown.  Already my new favorite store.

world market 4.     Sparkling Lemonade – Lemonade is such a classic summer staple and one of my favorite beverages.  This mini-sparkling version by San Pellegrino comes in pretty glass bottles that are perfect for a summer picnic or as a hostess gift.

sparkling lemonade{Love the convenient twist-off cap}


Happy Feet: Salt Water Sandals

little firework

I’m sure I say this about pretty much every color there is, but red is one of my favorite hues to see on my daughter.  From bows, to shoes, the bright pop is always cheerful.  And lately I found it’s happiest on her feet.   These cute ones are by Salt Water Sandals and Emma has been plucking them from their place on her wooden bench to wear each morning as we head out the door.

happy feet{Ralph Lauren Childrenswear Cotton Star Tank NOW ON SALE, Circo by Target Leggings, Salt Water Sandals}



A Few Of My Favorite Things {This Week}…

{A few of my favorite things this week that I either just discovered or already know I couldn’t do without}

coconut ice bar

1.     Sour Gummy Worms – I have a major sweet-tooth and need a small fix once a day, usually in the middle of the day.  In this heat, I try to avoid chocolate, so that it doesn’t end up melted in my bag, on the seat of the car, or my palm.  This week, I picked up a bag of sour gummy worms and I’ve been sneaking a few each afternoon.  They are the perfect way to conquer the craving.

sour gummy worms

2.     Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15 – Earlier this summer, I posted a list of my beach bag essentials (here).  This awesome lip treatment that is tinted and has SPF 15 has not only made it in that beach bag, but in my everyday bag as well.  And I think the shade I most recently picked, rose, is the ideal sheer, rosy and just-bitten, tint.

fresh sugar

3.     Magnetic Wrap Bracelet – I love wearing a stack of bracelets, but sometimes a wrap bracelet or one where different colored and textured strands are attached to one another just makes life a whole lot easier.  And this is the best yet because it comes with a magnetic closure.  I picked this up while shopping at Dobbs Limited in Montclair, with my mother-in-law over the holiday weekend and have worn it almost every day since.

magnetic wrap bracelet

4.     Coconut Frozen Fruit Bars – The last time I had a coconut frozen fruit bar, I was probably in junior high and that was always my preference over any other fruit flavor.  But I recently got one and my daughter got strawberry and we traded back and forth, the icy goodness dripping through the open spaces in the wooden table at the pool.  I couldn’t have been happier to share an old favorite summer-time treat with my little girl.

emma and mama ice pops



A Few Of Emma’s Favorite Things {This Week}…

{A few of my daughter, Emma’s favorite things this week that she either just discovered or already knows she couldn’t do without or some kid stuff that her mommy may love even more than she does}

big girl backpack

1.     My Super Snack Granola Bites – In the summer we are bouncing around so much from the pool, to barbeques, to backyard play-dates that it’s no wonder two of Emma’s favorite things this week happen to be snacks.  My beach bag and my diaper bag are constantly replenished with easy, healthy snacks that are usually as less messy as possible, too.  This way we are always good to go when hunger strikes.  For both Em and me.  This awesome little bag of granola bites was created by two moms in Summit, New Jersey, only a few towns away from where I grew up.  And the ingredients are wholesome, the vitamins, essential and the taste, so good that I usually pack an extra for myself.  Our favorites are the chocolate chip and the blueberry banana acai.

my super snack

2.     That’s It Fruit Bar – On our way down to the beach (and on most mornings) the first stop Emma and I make is at Starbucks.  To grab an iced tea for me and if the ride is long, a healthy snack for us both.  I stumbled upon this bar yesterday and although I purchased it for myself, Emma decided to sneak a bite and she ended up enjoying it even more than I did.  I love that it is literally only comprised of one apple and 20 blueberries.  No added sugar.  No added anything, in fact.  Usually there are at least a few other additives, but not in this case.  And I thought that was pretty cool.

that's it fruit bar

3.  Crocs – I was looking for a more breathable shoe for Emma.  Something comfortable and easy to put on.  Something that held up great when repeatedly splashed by the poolside and a pair that dried quickly, too.  I picked up these Crocs in a bright fuchsia and I am already falling in love with seeing them on my favorite tiny feet.

pink crocs

4.     Frog Backpack – Emma’s Uncle Robbie came home from a trip to the Turtle Back Zoo with this bright green, stuffed frog for her and at first she thought it was just another plush toy.  She soon discovered that it had a zipper in the back where she could store her water bottle and her goldfish, and two blue loops through which she could put her little arms.  As if she isn’t already growing up too quickly and directly before my proud-mama eyes, seeing her with a backpack on really strikes a cord.

frog backpack



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