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Candy Corn Parfaits

candy corn parfait

When October rolls around I always fill a glass, pumpkin-shaped bowl to the brim with candy corn.  And each year, I am the only one in my house that ever dips into the mound of confectionery, overly sugary sweets.  But the treat is just so synonymous with the month and with Halloween that I tried to come up with a take on candy corn that even my daughter would like.

candy corn 2

I layered a jar first with sliced bananas, then plain yogurt, then apple and sweet potato yogurt, added more banana slices and a dollop of plain yogurt on top and voila.  It is as close to anything that resembles the confection that Emma is going to eat, so it is going to have to do.  And turns out, she loved it.  A new, quick and simple Halloween-themed breakfast is born.

candy corn parfait birds eye{Add a couple of candy corn for decoration}


Summer To Fall Transition

crochet full photo

There are some pieces I wore all summer long that I keep breaking out on sunny mornings, finding ways for them to make the transition into this cooler fall weather.  This white, lightweight, open cardigan has long sleeves, so it can easily be worn on warm October days and the crochet detailing makes it whimsical and unique.  I loved pairing it with cut-off denim shorts and flat sandals in August, but it goes just as well with distressed jeans and my favorite short, suede booties.

crochet detail

crochet outfit jewelry detail

crochet full photo{RUNWAY BOUTIQUE & online at THE SASSY SHOP GIRL crochet detail open cardigan, similar HERE and HERE / JEKA LAMBERT bead woven handmade, one-of-a-kind earrings, similar HERE / HERMES Clic-Clac H Bracelet / MICHAEL KORS buckle bangle currently sold out, similar HERE / old DOLCE VITA taupe suede booties, similar HERE / old TEXTILE BY ELIZABETH AND JAMES debbie skinny jeans in love sick, similar wash HERE / J.CREW vintage cotton scoopneck tee}

Happy fall!


Halloween-Themed Treats

witch's broom healthy

Emma doesn’t really grasp the concept of this month’s biggest holiday, but she does love fun, unique-looking goodies.  Here are a few healthy and a few sweet, really easy Halloween-themed treats perfect for after-school snacks or parties.  And the best part is, they literally take minutes to make.

1.     Chattering Teeth

chattering teeth front

Cut your apples into slices and spread a thin layer of almond butter on only one side of each slice.  Place mini-marshmallows on top of one slice, almond butter side up, so that they stick and place the second apple slice, almond butter side down, over the marshmallows to close.  Continue to make as many as you desire and line up on a serving tray.

2.     Witch’s Broom Stick {Sweet}

witch's broom sweet

This has to be the quickest Halloween treat here.  Simply insert a pretzel stick into the flat top of a Reese’s Miniatures Peanut Butter Cup for a sweet witch’s broom.

3.     Witch’s Broom Stick {Healthy}

witch's broom healthy 2

For a healthier twist on the witch’s broom, cut one stick of string cheese into thirds.  Then, use your fingers to peel apart the bottom half of the cheese or take a knife and carefully slice one end 4 times to create strands.  Turn on it’s side and slice it again, doubling the strands.  Insert a pretzel stick into the uncut end and arrange them standing up or laying down.

4.     Pumpkin Orange Fruit Cup

pumpkin orange fruit bowl

Slice off the tops of your oranges and, using a spoon, scoop out the inside.  Cut out faces on each orange to resemble a Jack-O-Lantern.  Fill with your favorite fruit or a mix of your favorite fruits and serve.  Perfect for a Halloween morning breakfast side or a mid-day snack.


I Love October

It’s no secret that I love the fall and everything it has to offer, but October really shines.  It is when the colors of the trees and all of the leaves that have already floated to the pavement are at their peak.  It’s the month my parents got married in so many years ago and in more recent years, the month that my sister chose to get married in, too.  The air is finally crisp, actually cool to the touch and refreshing and clean; making the warmth of the sun all that more incredible and healing.


Yesterday, I watched as my daughter rolled around in the fallen leaves, without being prompted to do so.  As if she had known what to do all along.  And the laughter that came out of her tiny belly was immeasurable.  So, even when it was time to get in the car because we had errands to run, chicken to pick up for dinner and snacks to grab for the week, I let her linger a little longer, marveling in the beauty of October.

Have a great week…and month!

Sunday Stripes

I usually tend to stick with looks that I can wear over and over again.  Buying pieces, whether pricey or inexpensive, that will maintain a spot in my closest for a long time.  And stripes are a perfect way to add a little something different to an outfit while keeping it classic and timeless.  Whether they are on bathing suits, long pullover sweaters, t-shirts or a simple dress, stripes are always in style, always in season and always easy to pull off.

sunday stripes with shirt

This knit dress is super affordable, comfortable and can be dressed up with brown boots and a sparkly necklace or kept low-key with sneakers and a chambray shirt underneath or a cut-off denim vest over top.

sunday stripes with vest {MERONA for TARGET knit shift dress / J.CREW chambray shirt / CONVERSE CHUCK TAYLOR low sneaker / MICHAEL KORS buckle bangle currently sold out, similar HERE / HELEN FICALORA gold initial charm and necklace / old URBAN OUTFITTERS denim cut-off vest currently sold out, similar HERE}

Happy Sunday!

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