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Friday Coffee Date Outfit

friday coffee date outfit

To be fair, we both ordered hot chocolate this morning at the coffee mega chain, Starbucks, but it felt so good to put on a pair of my normal jeans in place of the yoga pants I have been lounging around the house in all week and head out for a morning date with my oldest daughter.  And with the recent bout of snow, I got to slip on my coveted fur-lined, waterproof boots that have been sitting in my closet since last winter.  This easy, pullover with lace trim is a comfy go-to sweater perfect for late January weather and it has been on repeat thanks to it’s neutral hue.

friday coffee date outfit 2 {URBAN OUTFITTERS lace-trim sweater / ISABELLA OLIVER layering tank, now on sale! / MICHAEL KORS COLLECTION astor buckle bangle / UGG adirondack boot II – leather / old RICH & SKINNY marilyn liberty skinny jean originally via T.J. MAXX, similar HERE and HERE}

Hope you have a happy & cozy Friday!

In The Kitchen: Double Chocolate Brownie Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream Sandwiches

double choc front

The other night, we tried a new restaurant and when it came to ordering dessert, I went with a trio of mini-ice cream sandwiches.  The ice cream center was sea salt caramel (one of my favorites) and it was snuggled between two chocolate cookies rolled in chopped peanuts.  The combination was perfect and though I didn’t have any peanuts on hand at home, I decided to make my own, slightly larger version, with a boxed brownie mix I had in my pantry and a pint of sea salt caramel gelato that stays constant in the side panel of the freezer.  A pint of sea salt caramel gelato that has chocolate covered caramel truffles mixed in.  It really cannot get any more decadent than that.


  • Ghiradelli Double Chocolate Brownie Mix
  • 1 large egg
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1/3 vegetable oil
  • Talenti Sea Salt Caramel Gelato

double choc brownie sea salt caramel ice cream sandwiches birds eye


1.     Pre-heat the oven to 325 degrees (or as your brownie mix calls for).  Prepare the pan and bake the brownies as called for on the back of the box.  Since the box I used called for a small pan in order to make the brownies nice and thick, I opted to spread the batter out over a larger rectangular pan instead (13×9), in order to make them thinner and easier to create the perfect bookends for my ice cream sandwich.

2.     When the brownies are cooked (about 28 minutes for this boxed mix in a 13×9 pan), cover and place the pan directly into the freezer for at least one hour.

3.     Remove the brownies and slice into even squares or rectangles.  Scoop a generous amount of sea salt caramel gelato onto the center of one of the brownies and top with a second brownie.  Press down gently and, with a spoon, scrape the edges of the ice cream sandwiches so that the gelato fills the whole brownie from corner to corner and the finished product looks clean.

4.     When prepared, store in an airtight container and place in the freezer for at least one hour.  Serve and enjoy!

double choc brownie sea salt caramel ice cream sandwiches close up

{You can certainly bake a batch of brownies from scratch if you have the time or the desire and/or find another ice cream flavor of your choice, but this was a pretty convenient and delicious option, and I highly doubt that you will want to swap this flavor for another one once you taste it paired with the rich, chocolate brownie.}

double choc side

Happy Monday!

Casual Friday

casual friday

Although I have been out of school for a long time now, I still follow the school-year calendar in my mind.  I still feel more prone to staying in on weeknights after the summer has come and gone.  And even though I work from home instead of a corporate setting, I still look forward to the weekends regardless that each day blends into one.  I am still more likely to dress down on Fridays than any other day of the week, though my toddler and the occasional Starbucks barista are the only ones who see me typing away at the computer.  And a cozy sweater and soft leggings are the perfect pair for a casual Friday.

casual friday 2{HUE ultra leggings / LOFT boatneck sweater / old J.CREW tall flat boots, similar HERE / TARGET oversized plaid scarf – multicolor}

Happy Friday!


My Life Lately {As Told Through Photos}

We are closing in on our last week as a family of three.  And while we are so looking forward to meeting this new addition in a few short days, we are also absolutely consuming ourselves in as much time with Emma as we can.  Whether it’s extra whipped cream on her pancakes in the morning or more nights out to dinner at her favorite places, or afternoon trips for hot chocolate, we are pouring every ounce of spare energy into the little lady that has had our full attention all to herself for the past two years.  Fearing that she may be a bit jealous when the new baby arrives and hoping that she takes to being a big sister, dreaming of her holding a sibling’s tiny hand, and choking back tears about never having just Emma in our lives ever again, has me feeling all sorts of emotional.  But it also has me feeling super grateful to be in this place at this moment.

photo 12{Saying goodbye to a really, really great Christmas}

photo 13{This year’s Christmas cookies have never been so messy and yet so memorable}

photo 9{Prettiest little painter I ever did see}

photo 3{Window shopping}

photo 4{My heart}

photo 14{So happy to wake up to this rug under the tree Christmas morning}

photo 15{Perfect New Year’s Eve at home}

photo 16{Squeezing in plenty of  date nights before baby number two}

photo 8{It snowed!}

photo 7{Someone has been waiting for this weather for a long time}

photo 6{Two peas in a pod}

photo 5{Definitely a daddy’s girl}

photo 2{More of these lovely locks because I can simply never get enough}

Have a great rest of the week!

Cozy Knits

cozy knits 3

Mother nature has been pretty good to us here in the northeast lately and has graced us with unusually warm temperatures right through Christmas, and even into January.  So, this week’s sudden cold has had me reaching for a big sweater every single day.  Here are a few super flattering and cozy knits to help keep you toasty this winter.

cozy knits{FROM TOP TO BOTTOM: URBAN OUTFITTERS lace-trim sweater / LOFT boatneck sweater / LOU & GREY for LOFT brushstripe tunic / 525 AMERICA popcorn turtleneck sweater, now on sale! / ASOS chunky sweater with scarf, now out of stock, similar HERE and HERE}

cozy knits 2


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