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The Summer Espadrille

When back when, I used to wear and love espadrilles, and then like everything else in fashion and in life, they disappeared into the uncool abyss.  Now, they are back and even better because they have been huge in a flat form, not just the wedge espadrilles I remember stacking in my childhood bedroom closet.  This pair is black and ivory and therefore goes with just about everything else I own.  And they were just the thing I needed this past hump-day, helping to make the mid-week mark even more comfortable.

summer espadrilles{TORY BURCH color-block flat espadrille / last season J.CREW color-block tee, similar HERE, HERE and HERE / super old denim cut-offs, similar HERE and HERE / STOX & CO. bracelets}

xo gina

My Life Lately {As Told Through Photos}

SC 9

There is a quote I saw floating around on the internet and I don’t know who it officially came from or belongs to, but it goes like this: ‘today is the childhood our kids will remember.’  I have come to love that little collection of words and think of it often on both good and bad days, like when I have just been asked to lick a fake ice cream cone for the hundreth time and continue to do so reluctantly, or play tea party the morning after driving my girls the 12 hours home from vacation though I can barely keep my eyes open, or when I watch my oldest daughter run towards the ocean with that ridiculous hair of hers and wonder when she got so grown up and when it was that she became so stunning to look at.  As I sat down tonight to go through a large chunk of photos that I have taken recently, I realized this: that looking through the very lens of my camera is like looking at their childhood.  I am seeing now what they will remember in the years to come.  Flashes of the trips that they will look back on, how they spent their summers, occasions when I dressed them alike, the colorful ice creams they preferred, the way their hair would get so blonde in the sunlight.  I just hope they look back on it as fondly as I am enjoying it in the moment.

SC 11

My best (biggest) girl was happy to wake up with me to catch the sunrise the last morning of vacation.

SC 10

Sandy toes.

SC 1

Blue on blue on blue.

SC 3

My girls.

SC 12

Two pretty important ladies in my life (and one niece or nephew on the way).

SC 16


SC 4

And friends.

SC 14

Searching for seashells in our jammies.

SC 2

This kid.

SC 17


SC 15

My happy, happy baby girl.

SC 5
Every great day must come to an end.  I just wish they were all this beautiful.

Hope you’re having a great summer!

xo gina



You Can Never Have Too Many Bangles

I used to wear such little jewelry that I rarely had anything except for my wedding band and engagement rings on at one time.  Now, I can’t seem to walk out the door without at least two bracelets on each arm.  The truth is, you can never have too many bangles.  So, on our latest summer travels to South Carolina, I picked up a few more to add to my collection.  This rainbow cuff with charms was my favorite pick and I scooped it up at the always awesome boutique, Stox and Co.  I literally walked in every morning after my Starbucks run since the two stores are adjoined, and it was difficult to walk away with only a few items at the end of the trip.  They carry a great selection of unique pieces and chic beach bags, too (like the Caracas Mar Y Sol tote I grabbed).

SC 13

Hope you all had a great week/weekend!

xo gina

East Hampton Getaway

east hampton 4

East Hampton is one of our favorite places to go to relax and unwind, so we headed out east the other day with our two little girls and spent some much needed family time.

east hampton

Shinnecock Hills Golf Club has a magnificent club house and my favorite rolling greens.

east hampton 9

That sea breeze.

east hampton 2

Lunch with my favorite people.

east hampton 8

The last bit of sunshine squeezing through on some beautiful bunches of hydrangeas.

east hampton 7

My happy, happy, first baby.

east hampton 10

Wine for two.

east hampton 5

Trying pretty hard to explain why she can’t just pick up her little sister and spin her around on her shoulders with her eyes closed.  Seriously.

east hampton 11

Trying real hard.

east hampton 13


east hampton 12

Baby laughs are the best laughs.

east hampton 3

The perfect sunset every time.

east hampton 6

This girl lights up our lives.

east hampton 14

Babette’s is always a good bet.

*For more photos of fun times in East Hampton check out some past posts HERE, HERE and HERE*

Happy weekend!

xo gina


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