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I’ve never been a big collector of beauty items in the way of makeup.  Although I have switched up my products a ton over the years, I tend to stick with things that create a really simple, really quick routine.  And I’d like to blame the kids on the lack of time I spend on makeup in the mornings, but it’s actually just me.  Since I started playing with makeup in high school, I have always gravitated towards a more natural and less dramatic look and thankfully that has also been key in cutting down the time it takes me to get ready.  I recently discovered a couple of products by Supergoop that are used together and I am hooked.  I was looking for a few new things before going on vacation: a new lip tint, a new sunscreen for the face, another moisturizer.  I rounded up my usuals and while in line at Sephora I came across a small set called, Barre to Bar.  Everything in the bag contained broad spectrum sunscreen, which is high on my list of things to look for in a product, and pretty much everything I came in to get was right there in a neat little package.  I saved it for our trip and used it only at night since the entire time was spent in the pool and the parks, but I loved it.  The City Sunscreen Serum was light and absorbed easily.  The Daily Correct CC Cream provided the right amount of coverage to hide imperfections and was packed with anti-aging omega-3 and omega-6.  And the Perk-Up Lip & Cheek Treat was the perfect pick-me-up in the most perfect rosy shade.  I never ended up using the setting mist with rosemary that was also in the set simply to skip another step, especially since I was so pleased with how the first three products worked together.  Since we got back home, I have used the kit every single day.  And I have definitely noticed an improvement in my skin.  My complexion looks smoother and my skin-tone more even.  And I feel good knowing that there is a bit of sun-protection in everything I am using.  If you are heading someplace sunny or if you are in the market for some new beauty products and a quick and easy makeup routine, then this beauty set is for you.

*This post is not sponsored, and as always, opinions are all my own.*

Happy Monday!

xo gina 


Sharing a little bit about our life lately here on the blog today.  Honestly, the past five months have been a whirlwind:  New baby.  New house.  Small home renovations.  Large ones.  Wiping clean the dust, only to be greeted by piles of more dust as soon as I put the mop down.  Vacation to escape said dust, and ironically also escape the only serious snowstorm of the season.  They say it all goes by so fast.  That everything happens in the blink of an eye.  And it’s painfully true.  Seriously, heartbreakingly true.

{So.  Much.  Dust.}

{Sneak peek of cabinet, island and vent hood colors.}

It’s all a bit blurry, the evolving preschool artwork that you don’t even realize has improved until you go through a stack of finger paintings while unpacking, noting the lines that turn into letters, somewhere, matching them to the tiny dates marked in the bottom corners.  Where does time go??  It’s the shoes that are outgrown, little toes that can no longer stretch out the fabric, the baby heels that can’t quite wiggle any more, reminding us that September is long gone.  It’s all the little things and the big things that, together, make you want to go outside and catch your breath.  But in between, are these moments, that feel slow and memorable, although they’re not monumental, not life-changing, but they stick.  Like the night my husband and I watched fireworks from our hotel balcony while our three daughters slept just on the other side of the glass door.  Able to peek in on them and watch their bellies rise and fall.  So thankful for that.  And the view.  And the stem of red wine in our hands.  And the time away with our little family.  And so much more.  Or the other day, when Emma broke away from her friends at a playdate to announce, out loud, that she loved me.  Simple as that.  Unsolicited and sweet.  Nothing wanted in return.  Then she ran back just as quickly as she came, to making pepperoni pizza with plastic pieces and delivering the pies via cardboard boxes, her imagination running wild.  But she stopped in her tracks and her thoughts to tell me that, to make my day, to remind me how lucky I am to be her mom.  The next five months will undoubtedly disappear as fast as the ones before them, so I will savor all these moments in between, that feel slow and memorable, although they’re not monumental, not life-changing, but they stick.

{Sisters who brunch.}

: )

{Little fishy.}

{Family time.}

{Pool days.}

{Beauty and another Beauty.}


{When your kids suddenly get so big and so beautiful, you cry just looking at them, and then cry again looking at photos of them.  True life.}

Happy Sunday!

xo gina 


The best investment you can make as a mom is in anything that allows you to have more hands than the eight your kids already think you have.  Whether it is my highly-coveted Sollybaby wrap, that I have in more than one color and have used, literally, thousands of times, or a standard backpack, like this amazing olive green one I picked up by Stoney Clover Lane, it is a complete sanity-saver to travel hands-free.  I had been looking for a chic backpack for a while, ever since purchasing one a few years ago and wearing it into the ground.  And with a trip around the corner, I knew I needed to get something quickly.  This nylon backpack was the perfect fit.  It is so lightweight, even filled with diapers, wipes, toys, books, countless snacks and sippy cups, I didn’t feel weighed down.  And I love the chunky gold zippers.  It is roomy enough to carry everything I needed to and from our trip and was especially handy for our time in the Disney parks, with lots of juggling between pushing the stroller, picking up my girls and making sure I always had a free hand for a Mickey Mouse ice cream bar.  My kids’ favorite part about this backpack, and arguably my favorite part, too, are the sticker patches that are sold separately.  They had the most fitting Minnie Mouse sticker that I stuck on for vacation and you can simply swap them out with any other patch they offer, or leave the backpack bare, as is.  I love any time I am able to customize an item, and even more so when that personalization is something that can be changed, updated and costs under $10.

*Tip: another awesome mom-product is the ToteSavvy, by Life in Play, which you can use in this backpack, too, so you can keep all of your gear more organized.  

Happy traveling!

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I may be getting a little ahead of myself using the word, ‘summer’ in the title of this post, but summertime is when I first fell in love with this staple accessory, so it will always be the time of year I associate it with the most.  There was a time when I felt so awkward wearing a hat, always loving the look on others, but never being able to feel I could pull it off.  Then, I took the plunge a few years ago and never looked back.  I have incorporated lots of hats into my collection since then.  And I particularly love them for beach days and all autumn long.  Hats are the best remedy for those bad or just plain boring hair days, too much sun or when you are looking to elevate your look with little effort.  It is our last day of winter vacation here in Georgia as I write this, so as I pack up all of our warm-weather stuff that I won’t be able to wear for a while back home, and get ready to hit the road, I have decided to keep my mind on this sunnier forecast and round up some great, some affordable, some lust-worthy hats to put on your wish-list.

{Far Left, Top}:

1.  I love this shade of brown that is so universally flattering and the simplicity of this hat, and the royal blue detail doesn’t hurt.

{Far Left, Middle}:

2.  So fun and unique with colorful pom poms.  The perfect hat to add to an all-white outfit. *Under $20 right now with code: VIP*

{Far Left, Bottom}:

3.  Tassels are so trendy and have been seen on everything lately from off-the-shoulder tops, to espadrilles, to beach coverups.  And the different shades of blue are a great contrast against the light hat.

{Far Right, Top}:

4.  Just a classic hat that will last for years without going out of style.

{Far Right, Bottom, Top Row, Left to Right}:

5.  A no-frills fedora that has a cool gray and white striped band, and is under $20.

6.  Another simple, super affordable version in a deeper natural shade with black detail.

{Far Right, Bottom, Bottom Row, Left to Right}:

7.  Love this chic, braided band white panama hat.

8.  A more structured, natural white panama hat for only $15.

xo gina 


Blue and white has always been a favorite color combination of mine.  In my closet, in my home, in paintings that I love…everywhere.  It is classic and timeless and somehow always feels fresh.  And it is one of those combinations that I seem to gravitate towards most in warm weather.  Now that spring is almost here (and after the recent March snowstorm in the Northeast, I am really hoping ‘almost’ is in our very near future!), I have pulled out all of the blue and white I already own and have scooped up some new pieces, too.  We made a getaway to Florida and Georgia for warmer temps just in time to escape said March snowstorm, so I made sure to pack lots of those colors in the form of jeans, cut-off shorts, off-the-shoulder tops, and straw hats.  Since I like to wear those shades often, I am always on the lookout for a great price.  Here is an outfit that head-to-toe (including the hat, but minus the shades) cost $200.  And when items can be found on sale, it can be less expensive than that.  This shirt in particular, was a steal!  I grabbed it recently at T.J. Maxx and although I couldn’t find it on their online site, head to your local chain to try and snag one yourself.  I have worn the top a ton since purchasing it and it will be a great piece for transitioning between seasons, too.  Here are some outfit details and a roundup of other favorites in blue and white to sport all spring and summer.

{TOPSHOP moto leigh distressed skinny jeans in white, sold out, similar HERE and HERE / J.CREW chambray shirt, currently 25% off with promo code GETSHOPPING at checkout / CLOTH and STONE off-the-shoulder top, via T.J. MAXX in-store, but found online for more HERE / HAT ATTACK straw hat, old, similar HERE and HERE / ADIDAS originals superstar}

{Top Row, Far Left}:

1.  I feel like I would definitely overwear this casual, chic top.

{Top Row, Far Right, Left to Right}:

2.  Such a comfy tee with just the right amount of flare.

3.  A lightweight summer dress for $15.  Enough said.

{Bottom Row, Far Right, Left to Right}:

4.  Blue and white stripes for the win.  Perfect with a white denim pencil skirt or flared jeans.

5.  Gingham print never goes out of style and the button down back is a fun twist.

{Bottom Row, Left to Right}:

6.  The simplest dress with trendy lace-up details.  Perfect as a beach coverup.

7.  Loving this jumpsuit.  The cut and the print are both amazing.

8.  Cannot give up my affection for shoulder-baring tops and this one in classic chambray goes with everything. *And right now, this is an extra 30% off with code: VIP*

Seriously loving all of these awesome and affordable picks.  And I currently have all of them saved in my shopping cart.

Happy shopping!

xo gina 

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