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Yesterday, you hopefully caught a peek at some new sale items I picked up from Loft and then you headed there in person or online to do some shopping of your own, and you may have noticed that I’ve been absent from the blogging world as of late.  But not social media altogether.  See, that’s the funny thing about technology.  It keeps us so connected, so up-to-date, so up-close-and-personal, that those outlets that are more at our fingertips (literally) are those we keep coming back to the most.  For me, I was feeling sort of tangled in the web of Instagram and the ever-changing world that it is, trying to keep up with the updates and the pitfalls, and I let IG do most of the talking for me, while my blog fell behind.  It doesn’t help that having the app on our phones allows for such instant gratification.  Being able to see what friends are up to, what tips bloggers are sharing, what fun was being had over the weekend, all in quick, succinct (and colorful) flashes.  That, and the fact that I have been enjoying the sweet, yet chaotic life of motherhood with three girls.  So, I’m making it a goal to be much more present again, on this blogging platform, not just through the tiny squares that are merely snapshots of my everyday.  In the meantime, here are some photos of life lately, as I’m pretty happy/lucky/blessed to know it.

{trying to sport summer style even though it felt like we should be apple picking today….where are you, summer???}

{enjoying moments like this.}

{and this…a whopping 20 pounds and a pretty decent tan to start off the summer.}

{but seriously, when did my baby get so big?!?}

{this dress.  one of my favorites of all time.  the floral.  the lace.  the detail.  love it.}

{when mom is away (or out with girlfriends just down the street) all four of my kids will play 😉 }

xo gina 


Hello, summer! And hello, blogging, after a long hiatus to which I can blame absolutely nothing other than life.  And the vortex that is social media, but I’ll get to that tomorrow.  For now, I’m talking about summer style that is cute and affordable and from somewhere I haven’t shopped at in ages.

{LOFT plaid tie off-the-shoulder top, above}

Have you been to the Loft lately?  Or the mall for that matter?  Well, I haven’t.  I feel like it’s been forever since I just perused the marble-tiled floors of the mall, because, kids.  And when I shop online, which is practically always, I head to my select few, go-to online sites, and kind of forget about those chains I used to poke my head into before having all three daughters to lug around with me.  I was seeing so many cute outfits on my newsfeeds and on some of my favorite fellow bloggers as well, all from Loft, so I had to check out the incredible sale they were having for myself.  The Loft’s website is super easy to use and their customer service is equally as helpful.  The entire site was recently 40% off!  So, into my cart lots of summer finds went and I waited patiently for them to trickle in by mail.  And they are all awesome.  The one thing I will say is that I find their clothes to runs a bit big, so you may want to size down, especially in the bottoms.  I had to return a pair of shorts and a denim skirt for a smaller size, but all the tops, although roomy, I kept, because I liked the extra length.  Here are a few peeks at my favorite pieces that I grabbed from the sale.  Sadly, that particular sale is now over, but they are still offering an extra 40% off all current sale items and some new arrivals are marked down, too!

{LOFT unpicked denim shift skirt, above}

{LOFT gingham side tie off-the-shoulder top , above and below / LOFT embroidered ruffle off-the-shoulder top, above, right}

See an off-the-shoulder pattern there?  😉

Happy summer shopping!

xo gina 

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