{Swimsuit, Dress/Kimono}

You may have noticed that I skipped sharing my June Amazon picks, and that was not for lack of amazing Amazon items.  June was crazy busy in our house as the school year was coming to a close and talent shows, and field days, and graduations took over, but this month I feel so much more at ease.  July has a way of being the turning point in the summer, but it’s one of the best months because it’s the calm after the end-of-school-year storm and the sweet spot right before August, the Sunday of summer.  Here are a bunch of picks that I have been loving lately.


1.   I feel so strongly about adding several white sweaters to your wardrobe.  They are the most versatile piece, so classic and can be worn literally all year long.  And this one is so lightweight and incredibly soft, and I have already worn it with gym leggings on a rainy day and with cut-off jeans shorts by the fireside at night.

2.   My most worn and asked about swimsuits so far this summer have all been from Amazon!  And this one-piece is my newest find.  I love the beige/tan/nude against sun-kissed skin and the belt detail elevates the look.

3.   Dresses have consistently been my best-sellers on here and this one is set to be the best-seller for July!  I love how this one has buttons all the way down the front, so you can wear it as a swimsuit coverup or as a kimono with a tank and cut-off shorts, too.  The blue and white floral print is so flattering on everyone and it’s perfectly lightweight for summer.  I went with my regular size, small, but if in between sizes, I would go up one.

4.   I have been using my ToteSavvy products for a long time, but recently discovered this organizer perfect for large handbags and totes, and love it just as much for less!  This one keeps its shape so well and comes in multiple colors.  I love how it has a detachable divider and makes getting organized so simple.

5.  Sneakers are one of mom’s best friends.  I am always slipping on sneaks to run after my kids at the park or play in the grass with them.  And one of my favorite trends is pairing cute sneakers with a slip-dress or maxi or midi skirt for the summer.  These are under $40 and go with absolutely everything.

6.   This one-step hair dryer is as amazing as everyone says it is.  Although I typically air dry my hair, and, wait for it, have never before owned a blow dryer in my adult life, ha!, this is a game-changer.  If and when I do want my hair to look more polised or finished, or would like to quickly add volume, this is my go-to.  It is so simple to use, even I can manage it, and you cannot beat the price for a styling tool.

7.   I haven’t yet taken the plunge and tried this trend for myself, but my girls love that headbands are back and especially love the twisted, knotted turban style with faux pearls.  The velvet material adds a little something extra and I love that you can find these in packs like this one that come in a set of three.

8.   During the summer months, we end up going through (children’s) sunglasses like crazy.  I like to keep them in my swim bag, beach bag, and in my car for the kids.  I also like to keep extras on hand for little guests that come over on sunny days in the backyard.  These come in a big pack and I love the mix of bright colors.

9.  One of my girls’ favorite things to do in the warmer months is to eat breakfast and lunch outdoors.  We recently added these steel chairs to their table on the front porch and the size and fit is perfect.  They are sturdy and we love the sleek navy color they come in.

10.  Every Sunday for church, we pack notepads for each of the girls (and plenty of crayons and stickers).  And these carry along sketchpads are the best.  We love that there is a little handle that makes carrying them around super convenient, a spot on the inside for each of them to write their name in, and a few cute characters/colors to choose from, so that no one mixes theirs up.

Happy shopping!

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xo gina