summer recipe roundup{Top Row, Left to Right: Zucchini Summer Soup; Mixed Tomato and Zucchini Crudo with Buffalo Mozzarella on Freshly Grilled Bread; Key West Spicy Quesadillas}

{Bottom Row, Left to Right: Roasted Cherry Tomato Capellini; Grilled Vegetable Pizza; Blueberry Crumb Cake}

I have been sorting through all kinds of recipes popping up on Pinterest this week, full of my seasonal favorites, including zucchini, ripe tomatoes and fresh blueberries.  Which makes me eager to get back into my own kitchen after a summer consisting mostly of restaurant-hopping, dinners outside with more focus on enjoying the warm, glowy nights, and evening walks to get gelato that garner more attention than the last true meal of the day.

So, until the fall really sets in and we get back into a more structured routine and back to cooking on a regular basis again, here are a few links to some great end-of-summer recipes I have rounded up to give me the jump-start that I need:

zucchini summer soup / mixed tomato and zucchini crudo with buffalo mozzarella on freshly grilled bread / key west spicy quesadillas / roasted cherry tomato capellini / grilled vegetable pizza / blueberry crumb cake 

Recipe and Photo Credit (in same order as above): Primavera Kitchen, The Design Files Daily, The Iron You, Yummy Mummy Kitchen, Jelly Toast, Sweetcakes Bakeshop