ray bans{My new black, Ray-Ban Wayfarers on the left next to a few of my old pairs of gold and brown Ray-Ban Original Aviators}

I am definitely a creature of habit as I’ve mentioned several times here on the blog before.  And it rings true in just about every facet of my life, from the stores I shop at, to the restaurants I dine at, to the large, cold iced tea and lemonade combination that I have each and every morning to start my day.  The same goes for my taste in sunglasses.  So much so, that the same classic pair of gold and brown tinted aviators have sat atop the bridge of my nose most days for nearly a decade; swapping out old ones that became simply too worn or over-scratched only for the exact same ones.  Same size.  Same shape.  Same color.  With a new season approaching, I am going to concentrate on branching out a bit and making more of an effort to try new things.  Even if it’s a new pizza place that I read about or the leather leggings that I have been eying, but too nervous that I won’t be able to pull off to go ahead and make the purchase.  I decided to start with a slow, smooth transition.  Sticking to another familiar, iconic look.  Even the same manufacturer.  Same brand.  But a completely different style.  Moving from brown to black.  From one shade to another.