My Life Lately {As Told Through Photos}

Life has been moving pretty fast.  Somehow my little baby who has morphed into a little girl, will officially turn two years old at the end of this week.  She is the ultimate source of joy in my life and when I flip through the photos on my phone, I get to stop and stare at the perfect, small, round face that makes me so happy.  And I get a glimpse of the person she is quickly becoming.

best buds for life{Best friends}

ferris wheel front{EMMA}

fall colors{The changing leaves will never lose their luster}

ponytails at the park{Ponytails at the park}


pork bacon cheddar burger{Pork.  Bacon.  Cheddar.  Burger.  Enough said}

mama dada emma{Celebrating our littlest best friend in our favorite pumpkin patch}

inspecting lunch{Her ‘Doc’ tools come everywhere with us and therefore, even lunch gets a check-up}

popcorn cupcake{How sweet it is}

on the run{Beautiful girl on a beautiful fall day}

emmy and daddy kisses{Stolen kisses.  And ducks.  Always ducks}

Happy Monday!

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  1. Annie Sutherland

    October 27, 2014 at 4:48 PM

    So sweet!

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