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We are excited to announce that not only are we pregnant with our second child, but that we are now within single digit weeks of meeting this new baby boy or girl.

After countless months of trying to get pregnant and several miscarriages in the process, we feel so grateful and so blessed to have another little one to love on the way.

And now that we have had plenty of time to ourselves to enjoy this special discovery and now that I am finally starting to show enough so that this baby bump is noticeable to strangers, we are eager to share our happiness with all of you.

Emma is already excited about being a big sister.  She loves to say ‘good morning’ to the baby, giving my growing belly kisses most mornings and sometimes at night.  Although, there are also days that she tells me she is not interested in the baby, at all.  ‘No baby, mama,’ she will say, as she waves her hand furiously in the direction of my stomach.  If I only knew how to break it to her that this baby thing is pretty permanent and coming quickly, and we wouldn’t change it for the world.

I do wonder how I will have any more space left in my heart to fill with love, since it’s literally overflowing with emotion since having had our daughter and then again each new day we get to spend with her.  But I am told that it happens, just like it did with the first.  All at once, completely unavoidable, unable to be stopped.  And for that, I am so thankful.

Thanks so much for reading this and letting us share our news with you.  Have a great Sunday!

xo gina, brandon and emma rose


  1. what a joy to see you with your precious Emma and to watch your family grow! Love you all:)

  2. It’s true, Gina! Your love is like the flame of a candle. When your new little one is born, you light a second candle. The flame of the first candle is not smaller, it stays the same. And that’s how the love in your family will grow

  3. Best news!!! We can’t wait!!! Great post-Christmas present!!! Xoxo

  4. congratulations to you and your beautiful family!!!!

  5. The best news! More and more love in the world–how can life be so good? We are so happy for the three of you. And know the grandparents are over the moon, too!

  6. Annie Sutherland

    November 24, 2014 at 4:28 PM

    Love this! So happy for you amazing people. You always have a beautiful way of sharing.

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