Holiday Gift Guide for the Mama-to-be

holiday gift guide for the mama to be1.     Pregnancy pillow that supports in all the right places.

2.     Super sweet custom, matching bracelet sets for mommy and baby.

3.     A little box that includes all of the comforts needed during a stay at the hospital.

4.     Flattering scoop neck long sleeve top that is perfect during pregnancy and even after.

5.     A layering tank designed with extra length for optimal coverage.

6.     Treatment oil to soothe the psyche.

7.     A wholesome, delicious treat meant to nourish mama and baby, made with organic ingredients.

8.     A soft, sleek wrap that gives the little one a sweet hug every time it’s worn.

9.     Hands-down the softest, most comfortable everyday leggings for before, during and after pregnancy.

10.     Natural and organic lozenges to help ease morning sickness and soothe dry throat during labor.

11.     A roomy, easy to clean faux leather bag that looks too pretty to be a diaper bag.

12.     Just the right skincare products to pamper the mom-to-be (great for packing in the hospital bag, too)!

This list covers all of the perfect gifts for the mama-to-be in your life to help her feel comfortable and at her best during and after pregnancy.

Happy Saturday and have a great weekend!



  1. Great ideas!!

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