Little Ones1.     A book that will make you smile, filled with fun, colorful illustrations.

2.     A soft, fleece cape in neutrals perfect for the winter (and this one is currently on sale).

3.     This mini hand-knit hat is soft and warm with adorable pom pom detail in contrasting color.

4.     Hand-made line of wood rattles personalized with baby’s most important stats and shaped after their home state.

5.     Sweet, cozy sleepwear in pure organic cotton.

6.     Irresistibly cute and easy to cuddle plush toy.

7.     A super cool fleece sweatshirt for kids.

8.     This is chock full of funky art supplies to entertain a kid’s vivid imagination.

9.     Personalized blanket for the stroller, the crib or the playroom.

10.     These super cool moccasins are durable and suitable for infants and toddlers alike.

11.     Hand-drawn, hand-painted alphabet flash cards awesome for learning the ABC’s.

12.     A perfect hang-out for tea parties, sleepovers and story-telling.

13.     Comfortable seating in a playful pattern.

Here are some of my favorite picks for the little ones.  Whether for this holiday season or to spark ideas for any other time throughout the year, these items offer something for everyone.

Have a great rest of the week!