Christmas Tree Farm Fun

Sharing a few fun photos from the other day at the Christmas tree farm with our little family.  When I was young, I would take a drive with my parents and brother and sister, to a similar farm where I remember weaving through the Balsam Fir, Douglas, Fraser, with gloves on tight, hats over heads, the snow crunching underneath us.  I have looked forward to taking my kids to a place like that, getting to watch them run around and make their own winter memories that they would be able to one day look back on.  And since this is the first year that Emma is old enough to (somewhat) grasp the concept of the holidays, we couldn’t wait to go.  Though there was no snow this time around – in fact it was a ridiculously warm day for mid-December – it was perfect nonetheless and so, so memorable.

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Happy Holidays!






  1. What wonderful memories you’re creating with Emma! I love seeing your posts:)
    Merry Christmas

  2. Emma Rose is a joy to see! I am sure Santa will be bringing her all that she asked for!

  3. I enjoy your work, thankyou for all the useful content.

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