Christmas 2014: Traditional Red and Green

red ornament

I took a much-needed week off from blogging to spend time with my family over the holidays.  Though this was Emma’s third official Christmas with us already, it was the first one that she was really into and it made all the difference.  There is just something about watching kids at Christmas-time that is absolutely magical.  And while I usually keep seasonal decorations fairly neutral in our home, it seemed fitting to go with traditional red and green this year.  Emma loved all of the bright colors and needless to say, our tree will remain in our family room longer than ever before because she is so in love with it and the twinkling lights and the electric train that runs in circles underneath the thick, bottom branches.  Here are some photos of how we decorated this season, and a few snapshots of our week.

christmas cards 2014

{So in love with how this year’s Christmas cards turned out…thanks to Hey Baby Photography and Tiny Prints}

red lanterns

{Little red lanterns were perched on benches and wine racks to add a pop of festive color}

big wreath

{I placed a smaller wreath in the center of a large wreath and tied them together with floral wire to give a full look}

wreath wine rack

{Small woven rugs from Ikea made for table runners and fake snow filled candle holders}

christmas cinnamon rolls

{Lots of lazy mornings making cinnamon rolls is how I like to start the day over the holiday season}

christmas wrapping paper

{Gift wrapping, and holiday gift wrapping to be specific, is one of my all-time favorite hobbies}

christmas gifts

{Wrapping complete and boxes ready to be placed under the tree}

christmas gifts 3

{Kraft paper, red and green decorative wrapping paper (all from T.J. Maxx) and topped with bows and fresh Christmas branches}

christmas gifts 2

{More pretty packages}

tree at night

{Twinkling lights never get old}

red ornament 2

{Some of my favorite glass ornaments were placed on side tables instead of the tree}


{An old wreath was pulled out of storage and given a fresh, plaid bow, so it looked like new}

wreath 2

{A little red and green was tucked into every corner of our home}

coffee table centerpiece

{This coffee-table centerpiece is full of holiday cheer}

sugar cookies for breakfast

{More lazy mornings with my little girl}


{Iron pine-cones for our stockings and store-bought, Christmas-scented pine-cones lined the mantel}

mantel 2

{My little family with one addition still to be named}

baking with emma{Adding heaps of sprinkles and icing to each cookie made for one happy girl and a pretty plate for Santa}

cookies for santa

Hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday with family and friends!

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  1. Beautiful holiday traditions/ decorations/special moments! Love!!!

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