We are closing in on our last week as a family of three.  And while we are so looking forward to meeting this new addition in a few short days, we are also absolutely consuming ourselves in as much time with Emma as we can.  Whether it’s extra whipped cream on her pancakes in the morning or more nights out to dinner at her favorite places, or afternoon trips for hot chocolate, we are pouring every ounce of spare energy into the little lady that has had our full attention all to herself for the past two years.  Fearing that she may be a bit jealous when the new baby arrives and hoping that she takes to being a big sister, dreaming of her holding a sibling’s tiny hand, and choking back tears about never having just Emma in our lives ever again, has me feeling all sorts of emotional.  But it also has me feeling super grateful to be in this place at this moment.

photo 12{Saying goodbye to a really, really great Christmas}

photo 13{This year’s Christmas cookies have never been so messy and yet so memorable}

photo 9{Prettiest little painter I ever did see}

photo 3{Window shopping}

photo 4{My heart}

photo 14{So happy to wake up to this rug under the tree Christmas morning}

photo 15{Perfect New Year’s Eve at home}

photo 16{Squeezing in plenty of  date nights before baby number two}

photo 8{It snowed!}

photo 7{Someone has been waiting for this weather for a long time}

photo 6{Two peas in a pod}

photo 5{Definitely a daddy’s girl}

photo 2{More of these lovely locks because I can simply never get enough}

Have a great rest of the week!