Red Wine Roundup: Pinot Noir

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love a good glass of red wine.  But years ago, when I developed a taste for wine, I usually stuck to Merlot or Cabernet, simply because they were the first bottles I had tried, and I didn’t veer off course for a long time.  Over the past few years, and after having expanded my wine library and palate, my preference has become, Pinot Noir.  This wine is lighter and sweeter, and smoother overall.  And tends to pair well with mostly any dish.  Here is a roundup of some of my favorite and affordable bottles to savor lately.  (And all of them listed below are under $50).

pinot noir roundup{Average prices, in order from lowest to highest, clockwise from top left: Mark West – $12, Hanging Vine – $12, La Crema – $20, MacMurray – $22, Belle Glos – $40, Flowers – $45}



  1. My new favorite is also Pinot Noir! Lighter, smoother and fruity!

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