My Life Lately {As Told Through Photos}

She has arrived!  Another beautiful baby girl has been added to our family and I quickly realized how much I forgot about life with a newborn.  Much of it is on auto-pilot: the constant feedings, the diaper changes in between, the even rotation of rocking, then tummy time, then swing, then back to rocking.  And some of it had simply slipped away from my collection of memories of being a new mom all together.  How it makes sense for time to pass so quickly with a toddler between the music classes and gym classes, and swim lessons, story time at the library, and the park, but with a newborn, time is warped.  Things happen in a sort of slow motion, yet move at lightning speed.  Hours manage to vanish that were spent just staring at an unfamiliar set of fingers and toes.  Nighttime comes without warning.  And before I can keep track of whether it is a weekday or a weekend, my youngest daughter is a whole month old.  Thankful for all of these photos I have been trying to snap somewhere amidst watching the fluttering of teeny tiny eyelashes and folding equally teeny tiny piles of laundry.

bench photo

{Soaking in the last days as a family of three}

baby reese is born

{And then we were four}



ipad in hospital

{This is life}


{Keeping cozy despite these freezing temps}

my girls

{Pretty damn good feeling right here}

daddy and his littlest lady

{Daddy and his littlest lady}

tv time

{Attempting to squeeze in a little reality TV}

these two

{These two make my heart so happy}

life with reese

{No place I’d rather be}

all dressed up

{All dressed up and nowhere to go}

teeny tiny feet

{Teeny tiny feet}

Have a great week!



  1. Just beautiful photos…special moments of a special family captured beautifully ♡

  2. Pure joy! xo

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