fishbowl flowers 3

Just a little something for Saturday.

fishbowl flowers 2

The other day, I snipped the heads off a bunch of flowers to shape them into the number that coincided with the length of time our Reese Evelyn has been with us, and a pretty little impromptu monthly photo shoot began.  I was left with a good amount of these now partial blooms, still so vibrant and alive, and I wanted to find a way to salvage them.  So, I threw them into a big fish bowl and filled with water.  It has only been a full three days, but this fishbowl full of flowers still looks bright and charming in whatever room I move it to that needs a little cheering up.  When I grab a bouquet from the store and there are a few that don’t quite fit in the vase with the rest, or if there are some stragglers that don’t look as desirable, I’m sure I’ll come back to this fishbowl every time.

fishbowl flowers

Happy Saturday!