A Few Of Emma’s Favorite Things {This Week}…

{A few of my daughter, Emma’s favorite things this week that she either just discovered or already knows she couldn’t do without or some kid stuff that her mommy may love even more than she does}

strawberry ice pop emma blog pic                          {My daughter, Emma, with a sweet treat}

1.  B. Toys – There are so many options when it comes to kids’ toys, but one brand that we keep going back to is B. Toys.  They are whimsical and imaginative.  Some practical.  An imitation of car keys down to the stainless steel, the flashlight, the garage door opener icon.  Also, they are kind to the planet.  The company minimizes their packaging and uses recycled material.  Their inks are soy-based and their varnishes water-based.  Even the cases that look woven in fun fabric are actually made of recycled plastic.  And they are so easily accessible, available in stores from T.J. Maxx to Target to Barnes and Noble, that you will want to collect a little bit of their line whichever retailer you stop in.

b toys blog pic

2.  Swarovski Crystal Kids Low Top Converse – Emma kicks around in the same pair of white low top converse almost every day.  They see so much wear at the park that they end up in the washing machine at least twice a week.  So, when I saw these Swarovski crystal kids low top converse I wanted to snap them up for her to sport at special occasions.  A jazzed up version of the ones she already has and loves.  You can pick the converse in the color of your choice as well as the ribbon and crystals you want to adorn the shoe, and the Etsy shop owner at PurpleSnowflakeXo, is super easy to work with.  My daughter’s pair should arrive in time for her cousin’s first birthday party and lots of summer celebrations.

il_570xN.583181198_o67a                                             {Photo taken from PurpleSnowflakeXO Etsy shop}

3.  Strawberry Lover’s Ice Pops – With the recent bout of warm temperatures in the northeast I have been dreaming of the beach and looking for some new cool treats to share with my daughter on the hot days ahead.  I like to keep them simple and healthy and I found just the recipe.  They are Strawberry Lover’s Ice Pops from Jessica Alba’s book, The Honest Life.  The four-ingredient snack can also be found on, honestly…, her blog.

strawberry ice pops blog pic

4.  Madison 3-Shelf Bookrack – Emma loves to read.  Or, for now, she loves to pretend to read.  Sneaking off to her room to pick a few books from each shelf, sitting down with the colorful covers splayed out in front of her.  Flipping the pages as if she understands every word.  And I love watching her do this.  The pretty white bookrack that’s situated in the corner of her nursery is safely anchored to the wall to endure her climbing and tugging and the height is ideal for tiny hands to reach.

bookrack blog pic



  1. The sneakers are the cutest!! Love them! Fun and pretty at the same time!!

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