Lately, when I am cradling sweet Reese’s perfectly round head, I have been reminding myself to hold her a while longer.  To put off that load of laundry, to let those remaining dishes soak in the sink, to clean up the puzzle pieces and talking toys after the girls go to bed.  And that they don’t stay this small forever.  After all, Emma, who is now two and a half years old, was just born in a copy-cat hospital room of the one we revisited this past January, she was just wobbling herself, unable to sit up on her own, and then in a blink, she is registered for pre-school and going to birthday parties, and is a real, walking, talking little lady.  With personality and sass and an attitude all her own.  So, every photo I sift through is a way to preserve each of my girls at each stage of their lives.

gym class warrior{Gym class warrior}

miami panama hat{Panama hats, good eats, nice weather}

reese monthly photo outtake{Someone is (understandably) fed up when we reached the 20th or so shot of the day}

girls{My leading ladies}

pro shop emails and muffins{Tackling emails and muffins is how we do early mornings}

bubbles on the beach{Bubbles on the beach}

miami clouds{Remnants of sunset}

beach baby reese{Beach baby}

goofy girls{Goofy girls}

miami clouds are prettier{Miami clouds are prettier}

reese baby{Cutest little butt out there}

Have a great week!