spring things blue jewelry box

Even though it doesn’t quite feel like spring yet, I am getting the itch to see brighter colors and floral prints and a clean, well-organized closet.  Here are a few spring things that I am loving and looking forward to.

1.     Tulips.  On neighbors lawns and in glass vases, these bright blooms are always cheerful.

spring things tulips

2.     Floral prints.  Blooms don’t just stop outdoors…floral prints are everywhere this season and I can’t wait to pull out some of my favorites.

spring things floral dress

3.     Bright jewelry.  Bold, bright colors are just plain easier to pull off when the sun is shining and jewelry is the best way to incorporate these vibrant hues.

spring things blue

4.     Spring cleaning.   Each new season nudges me to clean out closets and drawers and filing cabinets.  And just like going out for a long run, it’s hard to get going, but once I start, I am left feeling brand new.

spring things closet cleaning

Happy spring!

xo gina