Just a little something for Saturday.

candle holder flowers 2

I have been having so much fun with Reese’s monthly photos and love how they are turning out, but I hate wasting beautiful blooms, so I have been playing around with different ways to use the leftover flowers after they are cut.

candle holder flowers

This week, I placed the used tulips in candle holders, letting them twist and turn around the wax pillars, and fill the space with their bright colors.  You can fill your candle holders up with water (just make sure the water only sits on the bottom and does not reach the wick).  Or you can do without water, the flowers just won’t last as long.  I chose not to add water to my glass candle holders and let the stems dry out in the vases instead, and they looked great for about a solid week.

reese evelyn 3 months 2


xo gina