My Life Lately {As Told Through Photos}

beach babe 2 june 2015

The other day, I went to turn on my phone after leaving it to be charged and the screen never wavered from it’s pitch black state.  And being without a phone has been…well, weird.  That little piece of technology is my alarm clock, my calendar, my appointment book, my weather station, and most importantly my camera lens.  It’s where I take and house all of the photos of my girls.  Their popsicle stained lips, their first cries, their morning snuggles, their favorite pajamas on repeat, those two sets of bright blue eyes.  And that has been the biggest challenge, to not be able to snap away at all of the amazing moments that happen at random.  My life otherwise lately has been the same.  Consumed, in a good way, with my young daughters as I navigate my way as a mom all over again and am reminded how awesome this role really is.

reesey swinging

Lemons make lemonade.



cookie monster ice cream

Our very own cookie monster.


Chips and guac…she must be ours.

beach babe june 2015

Beach babe.

sunshine on a cloudy day

Sunshine on a cloudy day.

sunshine on a cloudy day 2


vegas poolside

A sunny escape.

vegas reflections

Reflecting a perfect pool day.

vegas reflections 2

For days.

big laughs

Big girl.  Big laughs.

pool days with my chicas

Baby feet and raspberry pops.


red lip pool days

Looking for airplanes.

pops on pool days

Another summer day, another popsicle.

Happy Friday!

xo gina








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