Must-Read Summer Book: My Sunshine Away

my sunshine away

{My Sunshine Away, by M.O. Walsh}

I always read most in the summer months with longer days and plenty of beach time, and I am always looking for good recommendations.  If you are searching for a new book yourself for your next vacation or lazy Sunday, read this: My Sunshine Away.  We recently flew to Vegas for the weekend and I started this novel just as we took off.  By the time we landed, I was still glued to my seat hours later, actually hoping the line that forms in the aisle before exiting the plane would be moving slowly enough to allow me to finish the last few pages.  It was that good.  The writing was beautifully descriptive and the story so perfectly executed.  Do you have any good recommendations to share?  Look forward to hearing them!

Happy reading!

xo gina


  1. Loved this book! The Girl on the Train was great!! Another great read wad What Alice Forgot!! Enjoy!!

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