Coffee Table Details

coffee table details

I am always switching up my coffee table decor.  Swapping vases, changing out the stacks of books and magazines, adding and removing candles.  So, whenever I find pieces that I can use with items, both old and new, I grab them for rearranging.  I stumbled upon this awesome blue and ivory chevron tray at T.J. Maxx and this faux gold art piece and positioned them with some reading material filled with tons of summertime inspiration and a bunch of old silk hydrangeas.  I usually opt for fresh bouquets, not only because they are the most beautiful to look at, but because they are fragrant and instantly add life to a space, but we are never around in the summer.  We travel a lot in the summer months and when we are home, we spend our days out at the pool or down at the beach, leaving little time to care for flowers.  Pottery Barn has a great selection of fake flowers that offer a realistic-looking alternative to the real thing when fresh stems are just not an option.  Here are a few tips that I use to help arrange a perfect coffee table top every time.

coffee table details 2

1.     Arrange pieces at different heights.  Just like utilizing more than one texture, this is a simple way to catch the eye and maintain a minimal style without being so monotonous.

2.     Use a tray for layering your items and keeping them organized.  This helps to make everything accessible and easy to clean up after.

3.     If you have a larger coffee table, don’t be afraid to fill the space with more than one collection of items.  Use the larger area to showcase your passions, like grouping a set of antique games and favorite sculptures separately, so your personality is seen throughout.

4.     Break up the surface with unexpected details, like outdoor lanterns, a bowl of bright colored fruit or assorted glass bottles.  This is where you can easily remix old items you already have in storage from other seasons or in other rooms of the house.

coffee table details 4

{For some holiday coffee table details check out a page from the blog HERE over Christmastime}

Happy styling!

xo gina

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