I used to wear such little jewelry that I rarely had anything except for my wedding band and engagement rings on at one time.  Now, I can’t seem to walk out the door without at least two bracelets on each arm.  The truth is, you can never have too many bangles.  So, on our latest summer travels to South Carolina, I picked up a few more to add to my collection.  This rainbow cuff with charms was my favorite pick and I scooped it up at the always awesome boutique, Stox and Co.  I literally walked in every morning after my Starbucks run since the two stores are adjoined, and it was difficult to walk away with only a few items at the end of the trip.  They carry a great selection of unique pieces and chic beach bags, too (like the Caracas Mar Y Sol tote I grabbed).

SC 13

Hope you all had a great week/weekend!

xo gina