The {Amazing} Solly Baby Wrap

solly baby wrap

Hands down, one of the greatest gifts my husband has ever given me…besides my wedding ring and my children, and all of the obvious ;)…is THE SOLLY BABY WRAP.  This carrier has allowed me to have two free hands to run after my older daughter at her gym class while my littlest one slept soundly against my chest only days old.  I have used it in the office to get work done, certain that the baby wouldn’t wake because there was no place she would rather be.  At hockey games.  At church.  To and from the grocery store and my daily Starbucks run.  Snug around my waist while I washed dishes.  This has been the key to my sanity.  And although I never felt the need for a carrier with my first child, had I known about this wrap then, and it’s magical powers, I would have caved.  I would have given it a try and realized three years ago instead of six months ago, how life changing this bundle of fabric would be.  But it struck me this afternoon at the pool, when, yet again, another complete stranger tracked me down to ask the specifics about the wrap I was wearing with my daughter’s happy feet peeking out the sides, and my opinion of it, that I never really spoke of it in length here on the blog.  So, I told her all of the above and more and set out to let you all know the same tonight.  Moral of the story is to go out and get this now if you are an expecting mom, a second-time mom, a friend of someone who is going to be a mom.  You get it now.  And enjoy all of its awesomeness.  You’re welcome.

solly baby wrap 2

solly baby wrap 3

solly baby wrap 4*Though this reads as a huge endorsed advertisement or sponsored post, it is actually neither.  Just my honest feelings and words and me: a mama who more than appreciates THIS product, absolutely nothing needed in return.  True story.*  🙂 

xo gina


  1. What I love about the Solly Baby Wrap is that it is flexible, soft, and lightweight. Unlike some other wraps this one is much more breathable and doesn t make baby or me hot just by wearing it. I used the Moby wrap with my first baby, and even in the dead of winter we would both be sweating and burning up after using it for just a little while because of the thicker material.

    • pumpkin + rose

      September 8, 2015 at 5:43 PM

      yes! i’ve used it in the winter and in the summer on the beach and by the pool this summer and it has proved to be comfortable for my daughter (and me!) in all seasons 🙂 glad so many people have gotten such great use out of it 🙂

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