We Have A Boy!

Welcome to the world, Caden James.  We finally have a boy!  Well, by we, I mean my sister and her husband and that is close enough.  After two goddaughters, two nieces, two daughters of my own, a boy was born into our family on a beautiful Wednesday afternoon.  I now have a nephew, and we could not be more thrilled.  He has the most perfect head, the lightest little eyebrows and the longest fingers.  So looking forward to seeing a lot more blue around here after years of pink, and watching him grow into the person that will protect all of the girls that came before him.

cousins with caden

We love you, Caden!

xo gg


  1. So beautiful…we do love you Caden James!!♡

  2. My heart is so full! Love you! There’s no doubt that this handsome little man will be both the best bodyguard and greatest dress-up companion to our little girls. ?

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