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Emma doesn’t go to school long enough for the need to pack a lunch yet, but with the start of the school-year on my mind, I began looking at lunch boxes at the end of this summer.  I found the perfect fit with Planetbox.  Not only are they are eco-friendly, but they make packing creative with lots of little, different sized spots for a variety of items.  They are easy to clean and care for and they come with small condiment holders to keep dressings and toppings stored neatly.  They also came with free decorative magnets that adhere to the outside of the box, so you can make it all your own.  I have already packed these for some end of the summer beach days and for picnic lunches at the park following preschool, but they would be just as great for adults who like bringing their lunch to work.

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Get outside the box with this one and try to find ways to incorporate some dairy and veggies into your child’s lunch by packing string cheese or yogurt, carrot sticks and colorful fruit, like cherries, grapes and blueberries.  Another favorite of Emma’s is avocado toast and pita wraps with hummus and green beans.

Happy school-year!

xo gina  

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