Live, Love, Granola: {Monkey Mix}

granola{Live, Love, Granola in my current favorite, their Monkey Mix}

I love granola to munch on in the mornings or add to my yogurt, but I’m always picking out one or two things I don’t like, fishing at the bottom for the chocolate pieces or the biggest clusters of oats.  So, I was happy when I found this granola over the weekend, at our local farmer’s market, while trying my hardest to steer away from the tempting and ridiculously delicious crumb cake at another stand.  I was looking for something a little less sugar-filled and easy to eat on-the-go.  And something that my kids would like just as much, since you can never have too many healthy snack options on-hand while carting around a toddler.   After sampling a handful of great varieties, I walked away with the Monkey Mix: no nuts included, which is the best option when sharing with little ones, just oats, honey, cinnamon, dried banana chips, and big dark chocolate chips.  A perfect blend that I would enjoy consistently all the way through.  If you are local, you can snag your own at the Roseland Farmer’s Market on Fridays until November from 12pm – 6pm.  The Market is located at the corners of Roseland and Harrison Avenues in the park adjacent to the Roseland Public Library.  Or you can find them online HERE!


xo gina


  1. I have to get this for my kids! They both have nut allergies and I’m always looking for a granola they can have!

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