Halloween Weekend


When adulthood crept in, I went years without dressing up for Halloween, and while in the corporate workplace, with long nights and the holiday often falling on weekdays, Halloween would sometimes come and go without much notice.  But ever since my first daughter was born on Halloween night three years ago, it has become one of the best celebrations to date.  Aside from the obvious reason, I also love to watch droves of little ones in their ridiculously cute costumes and have so much fun reliving this childhood tradition all over again.  Seeing Emma all hopped up on sugar and excitement, takes me back to when my mom would sew all of our ensembles by hand and my brother, sister and I would come home and dump all of our collected candy on the kitchen table at the end of the night, spreading it out and combing over it like treasure.  Now, with two daughters this October, it was double the fun.  Here are some of my favorite snapshots from this past weekend.






Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!

xo gina


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