Tips For Transitioning a Nursery to a Toddler Room

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Even though Emma has been in her big girl bed for about a year now, we have still continued to slowly add more grown-up touches to her room ever since, in the process of transitioning her nursery into a toddler-appropriate and toddler-approved bedroom.  Here are some tips on how to ease your child into his or her new space and some of my favorite ways to add personality to their new environment along the way.

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1.  Focus on the bed:  While their bed doesn’t have to be big in size or super expensive in taste, make sure that you select something that they will be excited about.  Make the bed a comfortable place for your child to sleep, with ample blankets and soft sheets and pillows.  And choose a color scheme, print or pattern that they will be happy to see come bedtime.

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2.  Showcase Their Artwork:  The toddler years are filled with art experimentation, whether it’s finger painting, attempting to scribble their own name, or creating drawings for loved ones, toddlers always seem to be happy creating.  Make it a point to highlight some of their favorite work by framing a few pieces and including them in a wall gallery or simply hanging a new creation up in a certain section of their room each week.

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3.  Create a Special Space for Play:  Set up a tent or tee-pee in their room where they can retreat to and read books, imagine and pretend.  Or paint an old desk where they can sit and color or draw, or read stories.  It is important that they have a special space where they can be creative.

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4.  Reflect their Personality:  Consider their current interests and hobbies and make sure the room reflects their personality.  This can be as simple as creating a space for them to hang their jewelry if they are into collecting bracelets and necklaces, and it will give them a sense of responsibility when they are learning to clean up after themselves and put things away in a designated spot where they belong.

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5.  Make Storage Accessible:  By making storage accessible to kids, it allows them to be proactive in the clean-up process after playing and gives them to opportunity to play without needing to ask for help.  Small storage boxes and bins are also great for collecting little treasures, like stubs from their first movie or class photos.

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  1. Love this room so much…especially the framed artwork!!!!

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