Weighing In On The Purium Cleanse

A few weeks ago, I finally took the plunge and tried a cleanse, after years of going back and forth about wanting to try one, but never having had the nerve to bite the bullet.  As a busy mom of two little girls, I’m constantly on the go.  Sometimes going without breakfast or grabbing a quick lunch that’s lacking in nutrients when we’re pressed for time.  My long overdue desire to test out a cleanse was a combination of wanting to get a jump-start on a healthier lifestyle, and needing a relatively quick re-boot.  I went into this not looking to lose any weight.  I went into it looking to find a better, cleaner me on the other side.  A detox.


I read so much about the first day being the easiest as it’s often the most anticipated and the most exciting, but this one was probably the hardest for me.  Instead, the first day left me wondering if I would make it the whole week that I set as my initial goal.  But it truly got easier to stick with each and every day.  And the routine that turned into regimen spilled over into other facets of my every day life, giving me the energy to focus more clearly on household chores and schedules, and pushed me to keep everything else around me as organized as my diet.  And even though I still continued to complain to my husband for much of the cleanse about the taste of the green drink, the craving I had to devour a whole bowl of ice cream, the moment I eased off of the cleanse, I realized that I only had an appetite for fresh, whole, lean foods, leafy greens and bright-colored veggies.  It took two whole days and nights, which is a big deal for me, to indulge in any dessert.  And I have cut-back on giving in to my sweet tooth even still.  I actually missed those green drinks and not because they tasted like a milkshake, because they didn’t, but I missed the energy they gave me and the fulfillment of knowing they were packed with superfoods that were the absolute best things I could put in my body.  This cleanse is vegan and dairy-free and contains only a handful of ingredients that you can actually pronounce, like wheat grass juice and organic carrot juice and organic raspberry.

While I did go back to my normal schedule eventually, the cleanse has made me be more conscious about what I eat and how often I hydrate my body.  I ended up only losing one pound, which was for me, the goal, but I felt lighter and more toned, more fit overall.  And I have to admit that I have never felt better than that one little week that I went on this cleanse.  I know that it is not completely realistic for me to think I could maintain that each day forever, but I have already planned to do it again right after the holidays and have found ways to incorporate some of the practices of the cleanse into my everyday.

If you are thinking about doing a cleanse for yourself or giving the gift of a cleanse to someone else, contact me via email at gina@pumpkinandrose.com or comment on this post with your email address and I will reach out to you right away!  Join me after the holidays as I complete another round of this feel-good, get-fit cleanse.

xo gina



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  1. Appreciate the recommendation. Let me try it out.

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