I am someone who loves to cook.  Not someone who can throw in a pinch of this and a dash of that and have it come out amazing, but someone that can follow a recipe down to the last precise measurement and be happy about the result.  Happy that I made something from scratch for myself and my family, that I knew where the ingredients came from and what I put into each of our meals.  And with kids and a busy schedule, that is easier said than done.  The hardest part for me (besides doing the dishes afterwards), is going to the supermarket with two girls, ages three and under, and trying to round up a cart-full of produce and spices and some sort of protein or grain, all stemming from opposite ends of the store.  So, when I stumbled upon HelloFresh via Pinterest and saw a coupon for first-time users, I was super excited, and relieved.  It seemed like a great, healthy, convenient and affordable way to cook for my family the way I would love to, but without so much of the hassle.  After a few weeks of using the service, I can honestly say it was the best decision.  We get two meals a week for our family of four and that has worked out to be a perfect formula for us.  It leaves us the other days of the week to go out to dinner as a family or grab that Friday night pizza, but with the balance of a couple of days of guaranteed home-cooked, good-for-you meals.  And all of the ingredients arrive fresh and are pre-measured, so there is no need to get a whole jar of chipotle mayo that would sit in our cabinet for months without use, when the meal only calls for two tablespoons.  Not having to pay for what you don’t use seriously adds up and has saved us so much money compared to shopping on our own for those few recipes per week.  And so far, we have loved each of the dinners we have prepared.  All of them have taken 35 minutes or less to prepare and cook, and all of them have been delicious.  Here are some of the meals we have made with HelloFresh and we can’t wait to see what arrives in today’s delivery.




These roasted vegetable quesadillas with a layer of homemade chipotle mayo were my favorite recipe so far!



We loved this chicken and chorizo paella, pictured above!  We also made penne arrabiata one night and sizzling beef stir-fry another that were also delicious, but I may have been too hungry to remember to take photos.

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xo gina