Sunflower Maze Monday

sunflower maze 27

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Despite what people outside (and some inside) the state, may think of New Jersey, there really is so much to offer here and so many beautiful places scattered across our little spot on the east coast.  In the fall, there are tons of great orchards for apple picking and pumpkin patches where we’ve enjoyed hayrides and hosted our kid’s birthday parties.  In the winter, there are acres of groomed Christmas tree farms, prepped for families and tailgating and memories.  In the summer, there are lakes for bathing and boating and miles of beaches, endless salt water, and there is just something about that cool ocean breeze.  And at the tail-end of the summer, people flock to sunflower mazes found in a rural northwest part of the state.  And every summer that rolls by, I get caught up in those longer days that turn into nights, leaving the pool as late as possible, filling up the calendar with barbeques and squeezing in short and long trips with family and friends where and whenever possible, always managing to miss the peak of the sunflower season.  This year, we picked a pretty perfect Monday: sunny, warm, but not hot, blue.  Flawless.  And the destination did not disappoint.  Here are some of my favorite photos from our day.

sunflower maze 9

sunflower maze 23

sunflower maze 15

sunflower maze 11

sunflower maze 3

sunflower maze 2

sunflower maze 16

sunflower maze 18

sunflower maze 13

sunflower maze 21

sunflower maze 6

sunflower maze 7

sunflower maze 37

sunflower maze 24

sunflower maze 35

sunflower maze 34

sunflower maze 33

sunflower maze 32

sunflower maze 17

*all photos taken at the Sussex County Sunflower Maze, Sandyston, NJ*

xo gina


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