Third Trimester Thoughts

third trimester thoughts 2

third trimester thoughts

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One of my favorite parts about  the end of pregnancy is the baby bump that shows up to suddenly make it all feel so real.  The super strong kicks, the roundness, I love every bit of it.  Knowing there is another perfectly imperfect little human being to love right around the corner.  And although there are plenty of people out there who don’t share my same feelings on pregnancy, I also know that having been fortunate enough to have had a smooth experience each time around now, coupled with the mantra: ‘positive mind, positive vibes, positive life,’ has only helped.  And as with Emma and Reese, a bulk of this process has occurred over the summer, which in my opinion, is the very best time for so many reasons, but none of them top the fact that I don’t think I have had to wear pants in four full months.  No pants.  The freedom there is absolutely unbelievable.  This third trimester has undoubtedly gone the quickest with two other little ones to run after, but it is no less exciting, no less miraculous than the very first time.

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