The best investment you can make as a mom is in anything that allows you to have more hands than the eight your kids already think you have.  Whether it is my highly-coveted Sollybaby wrap, that I have in more than one color and have used, literally, thousands of times, or a standard backpack, like this amazing olive green one I picked up by Stoney Clover Lane, it is a complete sanity-saver to travel hands-free.  I had been looking for a chic backpack for a while, ever since purchasing one a few years ago and wearing it into the ground.  And with a trip around the corner, I knew I needed to get something quickly.  This nylon backpack was the perfect fit.  It is so lightweight, even filled with diapers, wipes, toys, books, countless snacks and sippy cups, I didn’t feel weighed down.  And I love the chunky gold zippers.  It is roomy enough to carry everything I needed to and from our trip and was especially handy for our time in the Disney parks, with lots of juggling between pushing the stroller, picking up my girls and making sure I always had a free hand for a Mickey Mouse ice cream bar.  My kids’ favorite part about this backpack, and arguably my favorite part, too, are the sticker patches that are sold separately.  They had the most fitting Minnie Mouse sticker that I stuck on for vacation and you can simply swap them out with any other patch they offer, or leave the backpack bare, as is.  I love any time I am able to customize an item, and even more so when that personalization is something that can be changed, updated and costs under $10.

*Tip: another awesome mom-product is the ToteSavvy, by Life in Play, which you can use in this backpack, too, so you can keep all of your gear more organized.  

Happy traveling!

xo gina