While our entire dining area is not yet complete, we finally picked out most of the pieces that will fill this space and set the tone for the room.  The combination of blue and white has always been a favorite of mine.  It’s no secret they are my favorite colors to wear together and separately, and they are my favorite combination in the home, too.  The focal point is definitely the tall bookcase, turned china cabinet, and I love how the morning light reflects off of the glass and highlights everything tucked away inside.  We got some new pieces and added lots of old ones as well, that were hiding in the garage, in the scattered brown boxes that are somehow still there.  Will the unpacking end at some point?  Or only when we are about ready to move again?  (HA!  But seriously….)

Here are some photos and sources for most of the products in our dining room, shown and not shown.  Hope this provides some inspiration if you are looking to remodel your current space or decorate a new one.


Light Fixture







End Chairs

Mirror, old, from Bed Bath & Beyond 

Baskets, old, from Home Goods


Cake Stand

Glass Cake Dome

Lazy Susan

*Tip:  Mirrors add a big touch to any space.  I love how this old mirror from the kids bath at our previous home fit on the top shelf.  It adds a little more dimension to the cabinet and brings in more light, too.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

xo gina

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  1. Love the blue and white dishware…and the rug…and those woven placemats I spy! Oh and the cabinet hardware is so beautiful and unique. Awesome design eye!!

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