A Few Of Emma’s Favorite Things {This Week}…

{A few of my daughter, Emma’s favorite things this week that she either just discovered or already knows she couldn’t do without or some kid stuff that her mommy may love even more than she does}

easter sunday{The best part of this list: the following four things that Emma loves this week are all free}


1.    The Park – We visit our nearby park probably five days out of the week.  Sometimes we go in the morning after our walk.  Sometimes when it’s cloudy, so we have the place to ourselves or in the afternoon when it’s bustling with fresh, new faces.  But it is always open and there is always an abundance of things there to keep a curious toddler happy.
park blog pic 2

2.     Stopping To Smell The Flowers – When our family took a trip to Maui this fall, we were greeted by their famous lush landscape upon arrival and everywhere we went were surrounded by deep green hedges with big flowers equally bright in color.  It was there that Emma first fell in love with the fragrant buds and has been on the lookout for flowers here at home ever since.  Whether it’s in the market or at the park or on the lined walkway of someone’s home, my daughter will stop and lean in close enough for her nose to touch the soft petals, taking in that sweet scent.  And I love to watch her enjoy such a simple pleasure.

stop to smell the flowers blog pic

3.     Story-Time – I encourage every mom (and dad) I come across to check out their public library for a schedule of story-telling for babies or toddlers.  When their attention span allows, they sit and listen to stories, some interactive, some told in song.  And when they can no longer sit still, toys are spilled out onto the rug and put to use.  I love the sort of regimen it gives Emma each Friday morning.  It’s also a great way to meet other kids and parents and best of all (like the rest of this week’s list), it’s free.

story time blog pic

4.     Bath-Time – One of my daughter’s favorite places to be is in the tub.  She hears the word “bath” and her face literally lights up.  She dives into her little routine of grabbing her shampoo from under the sink and picking out a handful of toys to join her.  Sometimes I take a book in with me and and let her linger a little longer.

bathtime books blog pic



  1. Susan Giordano

    April 29, 2014 at 3:00 PM

    All the most fun free things to do…beautiful simple memories!!

  2. I love that you love to share these favorite things with Emma. They will give you both a lifetime of memories.

  3. P.S. Emma is so cute!

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