If your family is anything like ours, having your children home more in the summer means so many awesome things, but it also means needing to constantly have the kitchen stocked with easy-to-reach, kid-approved snacks.  My girls usually hop in and out of the backyard pool a billion times, and in between those dips, they find themselves painting with watercolors and riding their scooters in the driveway, and all of this must work up an appetite, because they are also making multiple trips inside the backdoor of the house and into the fridge and pantry.  I typically find myself ‘spring cleaning’ a little late into the game, once the school-year is complete and summer break officially starts.  This kickstarts me into a more organized mom and human, and I kind of love it.  This year, we got a new fridge, so even more reason, and room, to keep things tidy.  I wanted to share all of my favorite storage and organizational products that have helped to keep order in my kitchen, and therefore, in my life.

1.  These bins are the perfect system to organize all of my refrigerated items, making it easy for my kids to see what snacks are on-hand and making it easy for me to see what we are running out of when I head out to the grocery store.

2.  For those few bottles of sparking water or white wine that are just a tad too tall to stand upright.

3.  I love that these clear containers are acrylic, not glass, and that they store all of our goodies with an airtight seal, so that everything stays fresh.  We use them for cereals and pastas, along with snacks that usually come in messy plastic bags. *(these reusable labels come with a chalk-ink pen and were perfect for labeling those items, like baking ingredients (think flour, sugar, light brown and dark brown sugars), and assorted chocolate chips that might look the same (think milk chocolate, semi-sweet, dark chocolate, etc.).

4.  A generously sized serving platter in my favorite color that is completely unbreakable.  Win, win.  I use this a lot for cut-fruit in the summertime, both indoors and out.

5. The mesh allows everyone to see what’s inside and it’s perfect for grabbing fruit on-the-go.  When healthy produce is there and easily accessible, my kids will eat it.  I got my fruit-stand at Home Goods, but can’t seem to find the exact one online.  Shop similar ones here and here.

6.  These are probably my kids’ favorite because they neatly store packets of snack-sized goods, like fruit snacks, individual packs of cheddar bunnies, and pretzel chips.

7.  We use the Cabinet Binz Spice Rack for nutrition bars and cans of soup.  It fits nicely in our pantry and keeps everything in place.

Happy organizing.

xo gina