With the holiday season fast approaching, a lot of people will be be looking to shoot family photos either for Christmas cards, to print and give as a gift to grandparents, or just to commemorate this festive season of being thankful for the ones we have.  That  being said, it should be as fun and as stress-free as possible.  And the most stressful thing (aside from having your kids be willing to participate in the photos…bribery in the form of sugar usually works on mine!) is the coordination of outfits.  Just like in the home, I like to start with three or four key colors to work with.  This way, the look will be cohesive without matching.  And by pairing down the color palette, you will be able to pick out clothing more easily.

Some additional tips:

GO NEUTRAL.  I love an all neutral look, although, I don’t suggest everyone being in the same exact color.  Having everyone in all white or all black just won’t look as natural, while a mix of beige, camel and white will produce a clean, calming image that feels fluid.  Think dusty rose, pale pink and faded denim.  Or sage green, light blue and a sandy brown.

OR GO BOLD.  Though this is the opposite of the first tip, I either like everyone staying the course of dressing in neutrals, or everyone adding a bit of color.  I would avoid a ton of patterns, this way the main focus of the picture remains the people in it, but a small print here and there is a good way to use similar colors without matching too perfectly.  And know your location.  If the backdrop will be all one tone (like a whiteout snowstorm, or a solid, red brick wall, choose colors that will pop against it.  Similarly, if you are shooting among fall foliage with a bunch of oranges, yellows and greens, opt for different colored clothing than the leaves, so that you stand out.

ADD TEXTURE.  I love adding a chunky scarf to one person’s outfit, or a faux fur vest to another’s.  Texture adds a little something extra to the photo, without being too cluttered to the eye.   And it gives the subjects in the photo another way to stand out, so you can highlight a big sister or brother to-be or an expectant mom.

We haven’t taken holiday photos over here yet this season, so I better get going!  Need to put together outfits for my whole family next.

Happy holiday season!

xo gina