Every Little Thing

closet post pics                                 {Fabric banner from Etsy}

I am definitely the kind of person that likes order.  Craves neatness.  Every little thing has its place.  A wicker basket for toys, more baskets, stacked, and filled with magazines and recipes pulled from the pages of different publications.  Decorative trays and canisters for corks left over from anniversaries, birthdays and celebrations.  Dividers for teeny polka dot socks.

So, I jumped at the chance to organize my daughter’s closet.

closet post pics 6

Shelves, like these seen here were put together by my dad and husband, and are a great way to showcase some of your favorite pieces, like the paper crown I snatched up the week before my daughter, Emma, turned one.  They are also the perfect spot for extra framed photos that you may not have wall space for and provide a home for bins of hats and bibs and spare bath towels.

closet post pics 9                                 {paper crown from Runway, Caldwell, NJ}

By hanging dresses and jackets and storing bulkier items in the set of drawers, only one article of furniture was needed and we got so much more use out of the rest of the room.  Even the narrow gaps of shelving at the top of the closet have a purpose, packed with unused pillows, sheets and throws.

closet post pics 3                                {slim no-slip velvet hangers, like these, are great for small clothing}

closet post pics 7

Keeping items that aren’t needed all the time or those that are out of season up high or out of reach has freed up an area for things like bows and shoes that we access multiple times a day.  Plush toys are neatly tucked in these baskets on the floor so Emma can easily get to them herself.  And displaying bright pieces at eye-level make the space feel fun and inviting.

closet post pics 8                                {Party pack of tutus from The Tom Kat Studio Shop}

Happy organizing!


  1. Now that’s what I call organized!! All of my closets should look so neat! Really does illustrate how everything has its place and oh so easy to find things when the closet looks like that! Spring is a great time to do just that…gotta go get organized! Where to begin???

  2. Ok, so that is really organization. I wonder if my closet ever looked like that???

  3. Love this! When are you coming over to help me with the girls closets! 😉 haha!

  4. Annie Sutherland

    April 2, 2014 at 4:06 PM

    I need your help! Love that closet

  5. gina.gelo@hotmail.com

    April 3, 2014 at 9:28 AM

    thanks, all! happy to make a stop at each of your places 🙂

  6. A friend who saw your post said she has a tip for organization. If you have a lot of tee-shirts like we do, try stacking them in rows in the drawer instead of piling them one on top of another. This way you can see all of them and just pick out the one you want. I’m gonna try it.

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