Something For Saturday {Or Mother’s Day Sunday}: Floral Mom Cake Topper

A little something for Saturday.

While I was browsing the web a couple of weeks ago, I scanned over an image of a floral cake topper that was very pretty and seemed fairly easy to make, so I bookmarked the page and vowed to visit it again come Mother’s Day.  Turns out, it was as simple as it looked to recreate and I was really pleased with the result.  Now, it just means I need to whip up a cake.

floral mom cake topper blog pic {The original concept and instructions can be found on the blog, Oh Happy Day.  And the site has so many other fun projects to swoon over.}

The floral wire that I came across in the shade of green I wanted only came packaged individually, standing at one and a half feet long each.  I was nervous that it would interfere with the flow of the project, but I found that these separate strands worked well and might have helped to write out the cursive letters since they were broken up a bit.  I started by bending the floral wire to spell out ‘Mom’ creating each letter separately and combining the letters by twisting them together in a few places, keeping the wire close.  (The first ‘M’ measured about 4 inches tall).

floral mom cake topper supplies blog pic {These flowers are actually stickers for adorning the pages of scrapbooks}

Then, I cut out a bunch of tiny leaves in several shades of green and glued them in clusters at various points.  I glued the miniature flowers directly on top of the leaves wherever I wanted to see a pop of color.  Next, I colored the top 2 inches of each skewer with a dark green Sharpie, so that they would blend smoothly into the rest of the topper.

floral mom cake topper collage blog pic 2 Glue the skewers onto the first and last letter ‘M’ and clamp with a binder clip to secure.  Once completely dry, insert into your dessert and enjoy!

floral mom cake topper collage blog pic{The construction of this topper is slightly different than the original version I leaned on, but I am happy with how mine turned out.}

The author used decorative flowers with wire already attached from Paper Mart, but since I was more pressed for time and didn’t think they would ship quick enough, I went to my local craft store and searched the scrapbook section for similar ones.  Although I didn’t come across any with wire, they were still able to adhere to the letters easily with some Krazy glue.

floral mom cake topper letter o blog pic

Things You Will Need:

1.  Floral wire (8 feet).

2.  Cardstock in a few different shades of green.

3.  Paper flowers.

4.  Green marker or Sharpie.

5.  Wooden skewers (2 of them).

6.  Binder clips.

7.  Krazy glue.

8.  Scissors.

floral mom cake topper held up blog pic

{Additional Tip}

1.  This cake topper is easily adaptable to any name or word, so it would be a great addition to a homemade pie over the holidays or sitting on top of a pretty cake at a baby or bridal shower.




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