Just For Fun: Perfectly Polished

For years now, I have worn the same neutral hue on my nails, first falling in love with a grown-up, classic light pink and more recently changing to a slightly pinker shade.  I love how the basic color goes well with everything and looks good on most skin tones, too.  And even better this time of year with a golden, summer tan.  On my toes, I opt for something more fun, but usually stick to some variation of rich, bright red.  Here are my current picks for a perfectly polished manicure and pedicure every time.

essie sugar daddy{Essie polish in Sugar Daddy above is my go-to for a perfectly polished nail}

really red{Essie polish in Really Red is my choice for bold, perfectly polished toes}

{Additional Color Suggestions}

1.  For other great neutral hues, try East Hampton Cottage and Vanity Fairest, both by Essie.

2.  For more festive reds, try Forever Yummy and Fishnet Stockings, both by Essie.


Happy Wednesday!

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